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Peter John Kreeft is a professor of philosophy, best and well-known one in the USA, and the author of books, a writer, mainly in theology and Christian philosophy. He also is the one of the creators of Twenty Arguments for the Existence of God, the contributor to several Catholic publications and speaker at conferences related to Christian topics. He participates in numerous debates, related to works and doctrines of Western philosophers; in issues related to God’s existence. Kreeft later used many of the arguments in this debate to create the Handbook of Christian Apologetics. He is considered to be one of the greatest philosophers nowadays. His philosophical lectures, his main thoughts are mostly based on works written by Thomas Aquinas, Socrates and other great philosophers of all epochs. Many times a lot of people ask him what are his thoughts and opinion in issues related to angels and demons’ existence. “Angels and Demons” is a book by Peter Kreeft, which is a summary of his course of lectures on “Angels, Devils, Ghosts, and Miracles” at Boston College. 

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Angelology for Kreeft is a science, with data provided by the Bible and human experience. The style of this book is informal and written in the question-answer way. There are about 100 questions in this book, which are followed with rather humorous author’s responses. In this book, while responding to questions, Peter Kreeft is trying to separate what belongs to myth and what to reality; what is fantasy and what is not.  

To read Peter Kreeft is always a pleasure, but this time he has surpassed all expectations. His love to God, his enthusiasm to these mysterious creatures, his philosophy about them and their spiritual existence – all of it is written in this excellent book, called Angels and Demons: what do we really know about them?.

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As to the most of the reviews, and in my own opinion, from these 100 questions and facts, there are twelve the most important ones:

  1. Kreeft states that angels and demons really exist. They all are just as real as your dad or mom, as our world is. They are not just our imagination.
  2. Philosopher considers them as a part of us; as the always present spirits.
  3.  Angels are warriors in the great eternal battle of good and evil. They are not some fairies, but a weapon, an effective one.
  4. They are not superheroes, but angels are far more powerful than any of well-known to us creatures.
  5. There is no one as smart as these geniuses; the greatest minds of the Universe.
  6. They can make the hell burn and the world shudder.
  7. Demons are real too! Hell is real. Fallen, sinful angels are real. There are no tales, no legends, but only truth.
  8. You can pray to angels. You can talk to them. Even, if they are invisible to us, they still can hear you. Angels are always near, close to your soul, your spirit.
  9. You are protected. Do not be afraid of demons, failures, bad luck. Guardian angels do exist.
  10. Angels are hiding. They will not open themselves to you. You have to believe they are good, they are with you. Be always grateful to them and do not take them for granted.
  11. We are safe, but in the middle of the greatest battle – the battle between angels and demons, the eternal one battle. But we are safe.
  12. Angels are guardians. They are watchmen. They help us to handle the transition from life to death. They are the special cure for our bodies, mind, heart and soul.

Though, why exactly these points are the most important? Why do some people believe in them? Why does the educated professor believe in them? What are the main things that Peter Kreeft want to tell us about?

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Yes, we can appreciate angels’ work and still have a strong faith that these creatures are spiritual, and they exist among us. Still we cannot see; we cannot get to know them. Yet we can understand what is good and what is evil, we can feel it. It is like with our brain: we can imagine it, but we could never imagine our mind, our character, our personality and our spirit. That is what angels are, that is where they exist – around and inside us. Though, besides angels, there always come demons. This life balance is eternal – black and white, good and evil, angels and demons. The paradox is that, according to mythology and legends, demons are fallen angels – the ones, who disobeyed; who rebelled against their father – God. Unlike the angels with their pure spirits, demons are sinful ones, ‘polluted’ spirits. Moreover, we all have both as angels as well as demons inside us, and what will win eventually depends only on us, our deeds and decisions.

It is very predictable also that the book itself opens with the part about medieval times. Medieval always wins in the matter of heaven against modernity. Nowadays, we are all bound by well-known science theories, by our problems and our daily routine. That is exactly what separated us from something egregious, something so unreal from one side, and so real from the other one. For the medieval times, it was an ordinary thing – to believe in hell and heaven; to think that the earth is the sort of icon of both these realities. It was a time of spirituality, time of seeking God.

So, in his book, first of all, Kreeft focuses our attention on the nature of hell and heaven; on the times when people actually believed in both; when enthusiasts were seeking for facts, for ways how to be closer to angel and devils, and to God himself.

To my mind, the book Angels and Demons: what do we really know about them? by Peter John Kreeft, is not just some tale, or some silly piece of literature. It is a great example that even in our time, time of high technologies, time of wise conscious people, we should not forgetabout spirituality; about the nature of our mind, our feelings, and our character; about the nature of each of us. We should not stop believing because as long as we have faith in God, angels and demons; faith that there is actually some judgment, spiritual sort of institution, court, which will represent us in the end all our faults, bad and good deeds; faith that something is protecting us, something spiritually very strong, a warrior; as long as we are humans with souls, as long these mysterious creatures will exist.

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