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Novels, “Apocalypse Now,” written by John Milius and directed by Francis Ford, “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe and “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad” share certain mutual themes. “Apocalypse Now” starts by highlighting the return of U.S. Army captain named as Martin Sheen (Benjamin L. Willard) from war. The captain destroys his hotel room and drinks heavily. Then he is visited by his senior Lieutenant General Corman and Colonel Lucas with an assignment to go through Cambodian jungle and kill Colonel Walter. Walter had gone insane and started commanding his own Montagnard soldiers. Finally, Willard attacks Walter with a machete, which provoked his death. The novel has a theme of conflict and misuse of power. Willard returned from operation, and instead of being given time to rest, the superiors gave him an assignment to do (Milius 36).

“Heart of Darkness,” narrated by Marlow, is telling the story to his fellow passengers about his times in Africa. He tells us about his ideal time spent in Africa. He was sent to a pilot trip to some parts of the river Congo to search for an ivory agent. The character named Kurtz disappeared, and nobody traced him. Finally, Marlow finds Kurtz ill and takes him by boat. The novel has some conflict themes (Conrad 24).

In “Things Fall Apart,” a character, Okonkwo, a hard working, wealth and courageous leads people in his village. He takes care of the Ikemefuna after being taken as a prisoner by the villagers. The villagers discovered that the boy died, and suspected Okonkwo as his murderer. During the funeral, he shots other people and was sent to exile. He returned after the white people came to rule. These three novels share themes like conflict, power and love. They enrich their reader with political and philosophical knowledge.


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