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Seamus Heaney`s Mid-Term Break tells the reader a story about a boy who sits in school and waits till the classes are over to come home, and see the fatality and grief in the house caused by the death of his little brother. From the title of the poem, the reader may think of a happy, fun time usually associated with the break, but as the poem develops, the reader experiences the pain of loss of a child, a son, a brother. The reader realizes that there was an unpleasant, tragic reason for the break. In this poem, the author tried to convey not only the pain of a loss, but how death affects people forcing some to break and some to grow up.

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Anne Sexton`s The Fury of Overshoes is a set of childhood memories, but rather unhappy than happy. The lines are filled with fury and anger, and all the questions leave the reader in a depressed state. A cheerful memory of how once you couldn’t tie your shoe turns into a howl of rage. It seems that the author is angry at ‘big people’ from the past of taking away some pleasures, and she is angry at ‘big people’ from the present as she is one of them. The poem leaves the effect of inner lugubrious state of the person who lives through tough times.

In Theodore Roethke`s My Papa`s Waltz, the boy and his father are ‘waltzing’ around the kitchen in a clumsy manner all the way to the boy`s bed. From the beginning, the reader experiences frustration as it seems that the drunken father abuses his son, but at the same time, the son holds on to his dad, and sees him as the closest person in the world. The fear and disgust are intertwined with love and respect. Waltz is a dance of a couple standing close to each other, and the male partner leading. Using the word ‘waltz’, the author symbolically tried to show the close relationship of father and son, where the father was a godlike figure, and the son clanged onto his father. 

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