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Big Love play is a story written by Charles L. Mee and it is about the 50 brides who are compromised to enter into a forced marriage. The brides are not able to withstand the consequences of the force marriage and ending up killing their groom while only one among them found true love. Aside from the fact that the play is about depicting and portraying the dynamic that is in existence between men and women, the play made it big because it is wickedly funny in all its aspects, it is brilliant and over the-top genius. Seldom one can see a portrayal as good as this play. The title itself reflects something big that is about to unfold. The story is bizarre but nevertheless able to create such explosive moments of laughter and various emotions that are mixed and blended well with the sound and visual effects that are incorporated and will be incorporated to it in the future productions (Brook, 2005).

Some of the strong characters in the play are those of Thyona and Constantine. The main thing that made their characters appealing to the audience is the strong counterbalanced exuded in the character of Olympia. It can be seen from the play that Thyona is a strong feministic character who would do everything and anything to make sure that her right as a woman will not be compromised or worst be put in jeopardy. The best thing about this play is the fact that each character that is being portrayed is able to show the full emotions and portrayal that are required in the play. They have successfully expressed the definition of love as well as the understanding and personification of the same. It cannot be denied that the raw physicality that is shown in the Big Love made the show worth watching.

Apparently, this play marked the establishment of the Mee generation. The creation of which is very gloriously executed. There is a mixture of both tragedy and comedy in the play. It is explosive despite of the fact that it is quite an odd combination. However, it cannot be denied that this play is very inspiring. Mee, in this play, has successfully turned the play into a platform where justice, love, revenge and humour meet. Everything about the play takes the audience into a ride of their life. Starting from the arrival of the 50 brides in Italy to their stay at the Grande Villa, the homicidal brides and the murder of the grooms, everything about the play leaves the audience gasping and wanting for more. There are actually different and various themes that revolve around the play (Mamet, 1997). The most prominent though are domestic abuse and gender inequality. Through the actions, jokes, dialogues that are thrown by and with each character have emphasized the gender animosity that is in existence between the brides, the mother and the grooms. The characters, as well as the writing skills and mastery of Charles L. Mee, have contributed to the understanding that simple gender animosities if not taken into great consideration will lead into something even worst and more difficult to handle. Where there is no balance, a tragedy can be expected to happen and it was too late for the characters to realize that as the grooms were murdered. However, there was an attempt to put things into a balanced equilibrium by the establishment of the mayhem trial tribunal which is by the way hosted by the mother. The role has been played so well but in the end taking up issues about how sexes can be coerced and how the power of love can be measured as well.It can be said that one of the memorable portrayal that has been made in the play is the transformation of emotions of all characters into stage pictures. It can be seen that Mee has a knack for doing that. He can easily use the power of the stage in such a way that it will reflect the emotions of the characters even in the absence of words. Remarkable performance of the character of Bella was highlighted when she did a monologue. Entering the stage with a basket filled with tomatoes, she exuded the very aura of being a woman. Easily and one by one, she described her family and with each emotion that is attached to every member being described, she would pick a tomato and would either crush it, squeeze it or simply caress it. Needless to say, that the characters of this play have exceeded the expectations that are placed in their shoulder. They maintained the interests of the audience without compromising the very meaning and message of the play. Each of the 50 brides represented the women of the society. With each portrayal, leaping, dancing, yelling, throwing and rolling of themselves on the floor as well as falling communicated to the audience and among the characters the emotions that are either suppressed or let out. However, it must be noted that there are instances wherein there are simultaneous things that are happening in one scene and confusing the audience. But then again, taking into consideration the body language employed and the words that are spoken, the play has become very easy to adapt too and explore.

With all the foregoing, it cannot be denied that Big Love is a successful imitation and portrayal of the life that is affected by sexual coercion, gender discrimination and the lack of appreciation.


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