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"From Grandmother to granddaughter" is an excellent work in which the authors have portrayed the social classes in a modern form. All the writers as a psychologist carry out the interviews with the women of three families of El Salvador, the grandmother, the mother and daughter. The authors observed the changes, which has come in three generations of a family. They conducted the interviews to know about the history and culture of these women, and they got a good idea that how the women of same families, under same factors like religion, culture, beliefs and political environment, differs from each other.

The authors depict the life of three generations. The Nunez family covers the upper class, the Gracia family from middle class and the lower class Rivas family was interviewed. According to the authors, "focus on multigenerational families allows us to see how changes occur over time in each family and perhaps, by implication, in the society at large" (3). The authors learnt the views of the three generations, and they have shown the histories of women life, the hardship in the past and their culture. The readers can get a clear idea that how these women have differences on a viewpoint, by observing the histories of these women.

Paulina, the only child of her parents belonged to the upper class family, la familia Nunez, whom the authors interviewed. According to the authors, she was the only person who was blunt and frank (71). She was also one of the characters who went through the national trauma as she was born in 1981, after the civil war. Differences in the viewpoint of Paulina and her mother can be seen clearly, for example, the view mother and the daughter expressed about the role of women in their culture. According to the mother "things work better if the man gives the orders in the house" (68) however, for Paulina, it is completely different as she considers both man and woman to be the equal bosses of a house.The readers get a good idea of life histories their cultural information and about El Salvador women. Therefore, this book will be knowledgeable for those who have an interest in women studies and Latin American history.


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