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The novel opens where the Company director of Central London Hatchery and conditioning centre is giving familiarization tour to students within the company facilities. Natural production has been replaced with laboratory creation of life. It is these created lives which are divided into castes which are designed to occupy predetermined positions in the economic and social strata (Howard 12). The fetuses which are chosen to be the top caste called the Alpha are well treated and allowed to mature in then decanting bottles where as the lower class fetuses are allowed and subjected in chemical interference for growth and development. They are called the Beta, Delta, Gamma and Epsilon.

The novel Brave New World is set approximately seven Hundred years after the 20th century. It was set during the year of the Ford which is named after the great Industrialist: Henry Ford. In this novel, World controllers and rulers ensure societal stability by creating a five-hierarchy caste system. This Caste is made up of the Alphas and the betas who are at the top of the hierarchy and they act like the politicians, scientists and other top minded professionals. The other castes in the system include the deltas, Epsilons and the Gammas who are at the bottom of the caste hierarchy (Huxley 34a). They represent working class of this world. In the Novel, a drug by the name soma makes sure that all people in every caste are happy.The Novelist demonstrates that, genetic engineering is not used in pre-coding happiness. Rather it underwrites the inferiority and insubordination of lower orders. In the novel, Brave New World is a caste society. In that, social stratification is represented by institutions which are five- way genetic. In it where there is no social mobility. By definition Alphas rule, Epsilons toil. These differences are reinforced by the systematic conditioning (Huxley 56c).

Sex should be recreational and is integral in the society. According to Huxley, sex is not for reproduction but rather for recreation. He further state that the few women who are capable of reproducing are conditioned to the use of birth control measures such as contraceptives and the Malthusian belt. The axiom that every one belong to every one else is repeatedly used through out the story. This is in total contrast of the real world assumptions and believes.Huxley considers spending time as a waste of both time and resources. This makes John to afford a celebrity kind of status. Conditioning is training people on consumption and shunning loneliness as such by spending an afternoon not in bed or not playing is forfeiture to acceptance.In World State, death habitually comes at the age of 60. Death in this state is not dreaded and any one who is reflecting on it assured by knowledge that all are happy. Also the fact that none has a family none mourns for the dead (Howard 34). This is in total contradiction of the real life phenomena where death is dreaded and that morning takes the better part of the deceased.According to history, winning and dominance is associated with good and the manically euphoric. On the other hand, submission and losing are related to depression and subdued spirits. The rank theory asserts that, far larger prevalence of the internalized relate to the yielding sub-routine. Depression represents the way in which low spirits adapt than the manic self conceit in the living organisms. However, in the Brave New world, this relationship is weak or not there. It states that, the lower orders are as happy as the Alphas due to the use of the soma. As such in the sleep lessons about class consciousness the juvenile Betas love their caste: betas. They learn how to respect Alphas who "work much harder than we do, because they're so frightfully clever."(Huxley 102) Besides, they learn to take pleasure in them not being Gammas and the other castes like the brainless epsilons "Oh no," the hypnopedia tapes suggest, "I don't want to play with Delta children."(Huxley 105)

It is imagined that, the progress in the automation technology would finish the repetitive and menial tasks of the brainy Alphas. If this is done it would leave lower orders not affected and roleless.This is freezes scientific progress. Mustapha mond in the Novel states that, once in an island 19000 of the 22000 Alphas perished. As a result, lower castes are indefinitely needed. Their happiness is a guarantee to the stability of the society. The novel is a pessimistic blanket that severs to warn against eugenics and genetic engineering. In the novel rebuttals and strong counter arguments are evident.The ways of abusing life sciences is manifold. Bioethics needs to be a major academic discipline. However, the notion that a world that is organized and led by the principles of blind genetic oneness is better than a world based on rationality design is fully specious.Despite the frequency in the irrationality in satisfying our human desires, we are at bondage to the principle of pleasure. None ever leaves a well working pleasure machine on the basis of boredom: unlike the joy we derive from drink, food and even sex, the happiness derived form intra-cranial stimulation 9f self depicts no tolerance. It is rational therefore that, if one wants to modulate joy, for safety and social sustainability, we should code the well being in an way to ensure that we shut down the old dominance and even the submission circuits as well. This kind of shut down is plainly reasonable presently on serotonergics both clinically and recreationally (Huxley 68). However, this shut down can be permanent.


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