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Poetry is a way of using words to express one’s feelings or to give an opinion on a particular issue. Poems are educative and also a form of entertainment. They contain well chosen words to give a musical aspect. The reason dictates the type of poem to be written (Earnest and Easton 4). The purpose of it is to make it consistent with the occasion. However, some are general and a particular reason does not restrict them. It is necessary to interact with poetry, as it helps one to develop critical thinking and improve the way of seeing things.

One of the poems I would recommend reading is No More Jazz at Alcatraz, by Bob Kaufman. It is one of his best poems in the world of poetry. Many people dislike poetry, but one cannot avoid reading No More Jazz at Alcatraz. It is a poem in which the writer has chosen words wisely. The poem is short, but extremely helpful. The use of stylistic devices is one of the techniques the author has used to capture the readers’ attention.

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Bob Kaufman uses rhyme as the main style in the poem. Each line has an ending which rhymes with the ending of the subsequent line. It shades the poem with a musical tone. Repetition is the other stylistic device used. The message of the poem is insisted by repetition of the title. This helps the reader to connect the message with the other lines.

From the poem No More Jazz at Alcatraz a careful reader will benefit. The poem’s laconism will encourage the person to read it many times. By doing so, one will familiarize himself with the use of rhyme and repetition in a poem. Kauffman’s poetry reaches out to individuals who have an interest in reading.

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