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In Raimond Gaita’s book “A Common Humanity”, the chapter ‘Truth as a Need of the Soul’ shows an insight of how valuable human beings are. Feeding soul with truth determines the type of a person one tends to be. Strengths depicted by this concept show that human beings believe they have souls because they can generally reflect on their feelings and responses unlike animals. Soul is immortal but can easily be destroyed by what humans do. Religion deepens human’s understanding of what matters to them including facts defining human conditions. Psychoanalysis deepens the human understanding of nature and the impact it has on humans. The context shows how art and life produce data upon which science and humans can reflect. This is because it requires discipline of the mind and the character to see things as they ought to appear. Love, justice and pity are forms of understanding but not conditions that makes human understand the facts. A feeling can distort a thought or it can threaten an objectivity so that a human will see more clearly how things are supposed to be as opposed to how he wishes them to be.

This concept comes with its weaknesses. Mostly, human beings fail to show care even in the most important situations like when in love or when death of a loved one occurs. Expression of thoughts and feelings can be shown best by talking. The concept, however, shows that people will tend to keep to themselves and fail to speak their mind in order to protect their precious thoughts, protect destruction that could come out of their expression despite the fact that it really matters to them. The context criticizes the soul as a source of discouragement to substitution for mind or psyche. Truth does not take humans to the heart of the matter, this is because psychoanalysis and all forms of psychology that are responsible for studying inner life contain a subject matter whose understanding is distorted by knowledge. 

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Gaita says that a soul is a mortal soul. It is evident that a human being is subject to death unlike his soul. He also says that the soul is vulnerable to misfortune and it’s a natural home to life conceived in sorrow and pity. Animals always love their young ones but Gaita says that there is no love if at all the subject fails to admit it. This is a contradiction because animals cannot admit love but they love their young ones. Human beings have soul but the concept shows how a human can lose half of his sole the moment he engages in soul-destroying work. Soul is immortal but when Gaita says that soul can be destroyed by certain kinds of work, it becomes a contradiction.

It is hard to comprehend how sentiments could be less important to human’s claims which are either true or false. Religion has been phrased to be inevitable, it cheapens everything that human holds onto dearly and how it does the dirt in life. But humans find that religion defines human conditions, vulnerability to suffering, mortality and sexuality. Soul is connected with suffering and with the possibility of getting deeper; this possibility is interdependent with a certain kind of reflection. The soul is identified with material substance, property and spiritualism. The concept of truth as a need for the soul arises due to the connection between the concept of inner life and the concept of the soul when not used speculatively. Only nature can distinguish between the real and the false forms of inner life. Adequate psychology of human personality needs a concept of self, account of how the concept develops or fails and a theory of its interpretation. 

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