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Free «Having it out with Melancholy» Essay Sample

Melancholy is something well-known to every person. That is why there are so many thoughts about what it is in reality. In the poem Melancholy, Jane Kenyon made this state alive. According to the author, it is something that makes one sad, and gives the pessimistic outlook.

To my mind, melancholy is the feeling of indifference to the world. It looks through the dirty window, through which seep only mediocrity and the negative emotions. It can be compared to the constant winter in the soul. The person does not want to let the good to come inside to melt the ice in the soul. This ice is the lack of things that can bring the spring. As a rule, the person gets used to this state, and even doesn`t want to fight with it.

If melancholy were the living being, I would describe it as follows. Talking about the general outlook, it would definitely have the massive and strong fit, that is associated with the strong influence on people`s life. The dark and dirty clothes would underline its negative side. I would like it to be half a man and half an animal to show its trickery; first it pretends to be the best solution, but than it occupies you as the worst beast. What is more, I would give the back wings to the general image, which would identify the possibility of the beast to capture and bring you to the place, from where it is very hard to find the way back. At last, talking about the features of the character, it should be clever, crafty, cunning and powerful.


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