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Free «Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather» Essay Sample

Gao Xingjian offers several stories that probe into the concept of the human spirit. The hard times that the grandfather entailed revealed much concerning the human spirit (Xingjian). The incidence demonstrates the strength of the human spirit through the various steps that the grandfather takes to obtain food. The narrator brings out childhood memories that further demonstrate the concept of the human spirit, which include knowledge and truth. The incidence of the bus colliding with the bicycle brings out thought and memories, which further illustrate the limitations and strengths of the human spirit (Xingjian). The author elucidates the human thought and its connection with future and past occurrences. The matter further elucidates the connection of the human spirit that makes humans more reasonable and creative creatures. Although the bus-bicycle accident presented considerable reactions from the observers, little harm had been imparted upon the victims. This demonstrates the concept of the human spirit to be extremely weak mainly due to human perception of matters.



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Question 2

Nectar in a Sieve commences with a prearranged marriage of a twelve year bride who is meant to get married to a poverty-stricken rice farmer (Kamala 1). The young daughter undergoes numerous problems with the sickly and old destined bride.  Young woman being engaged in marriage demonstrates social injustice since the society is unfair in the treatment of the female gender through prearranged marriage customs.  Women are not allowed to willfully get married to people of their own choice providing social inequality and thus social injustice against the females. The fact that Ira gets returned to her parents due to lack of children demonstrates another social injustice since the woman is first forced into arranged married with her consent, and later gets returned to her parents after failure to deliver. This implies Ira cannot get married since her younger years are already passed and the society cannot allow remarrying.

Failure to deliver is viewed as a serious problem; however, women are still expected to deliver sons for the family. These expectations leave women with social problems in maintaining their marriage, and women have to seek outside assistance to realize social expectations. After Raja’s demise, the tannery claims no liability for the death even after Raja dies during the alleged punishment. Ruku never receives any compensation or justice for his son, which further demonstrates additional social injustices. The social limitations make Ira take unexpected decision of undertaking prostitution to feed the family; however, Kuti dies afterwards demonstrating further injustices. Later on, Ira becomes pregnant, but the child is not welcomed because it is albino. This demonstrates another social injustice as the society condemns Ira of lacking children and further condemns her for bearing an albino child.

In the movie Water, windows are subjected to unjust social choices in which they may wish to commit suicide, lead their live in solace and live among other windows (Mehta). Windows cannot remarry despite their age when the predetermined bride dies and are subjected to lives in seclusion from the society. The women cannot be allowed to love persons of their choice and live freely without social intrusion (Mehta). These are all social injustices on the accounts of the windows.

Question 3

Gao communicates various concepts about the society mainly regarding the hierarchy and protocols in conducting various activities within the society. Gao demonstrates the society as a leader in which authority is sought from the concerned individuals. For instance, obtaining a gun for hunting demonstrated the complexities involved despite the need within the society (Xingjian).

In Nectar in a Sieve, the matters of truth, mental strength and determination play considerable insight into the conception of the human spirit. Ruku fails to reveal her visiting a white doctor in order to bear sons for his husband. The conflict that arises between Nathan and Kunthi, as well as between Ruku and Kunthi reveals several issues pertaining to the human spirit. The conflicts concern truth from earlier events; however, Ruku and Nathan are able to resolve the conflict after realizing Kunthi’s blackmails. These events demonstrate various elements regarding the human spirit where most of them are negative.

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In Water, the concept of love and insight on the societal matters demonstrate issues pertaining to the human spirit where Kalyani and Narayan are being prevented from getting married despite their affection (Mehta). Love seems to have profound influences on the human spirit and even forces people into rebellions against religion. 


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