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The poet in this poem refers to the literal words said by an individual. Words are basically referred to as expressions of the heart’s intentions. As the poet describes, other people argue that words are dead whenever they are said. However, I believe words are meaningful and they become alive the same day they are spoken.

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According to many people as described in the first illustration, literal words said by an individual have little or no impact.  This happens because words are soon forgotten and the speaker goes on with the utterance. As the poet describes, other people argue that words are dead whenever they are said. However, I believe words are consequential and they gain importance the same day they are spoken.

Others say words are dead when they are said because once the word is said, it is not possible to reverse it. Actually, the speaker has no powers to reverse any words that proceed from his mouth. This is compared to death because once a person dies he/she can never live again.

On the contrary, I believe that words start to live the day they are said. The poet points out that a word can impact hearers either positively or negatively. Careless and negative words may cause the recipients to change their attitudes towards the speaker.

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The poem is structured by contrasting the first section and the second. The first section brings out words as having ability to die, while the second explains that words can actually live.

A number of literary devices have been incorporated in the two sections of the poem. For instance the word ‘say’ has been repeated twice. I believe, repetition emphasizes on the aspect of contrast in the intended meaning. Rhythm is displayed by the use of similar vowels at the end of two consecutive lines.

Second Poem:  “When I Peruse the Conquer’d Fame”


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Life presents various victories, challenges, defeats as well as vices. The poet expresses his ability to have achievements and yet never envy the rich and heroes. Ironically, it became difficult for him to overcome envy when he saw lovers in the neighborhood who loved each other deeply amidst life challenges. Basically, passions are enhanced by the ability and will power of an individual.

This poem exposes the passion in life that results to envy, liking and hatred. Illustrations are highlighted on the ability to pursue great success and acquire great strength. It so happens that the poet outshines the famous heroes. It is expected that envy may abound. However, on the contrary the poet finds no reason to envy neither the president in his presidency nor the rich in their houses.

Additionally, the poet has an underlying desire to succeed and live a tranquil life. Consequently, he hears about the lives of lovers in the brotherhood and it is evident that they face kinds of challenges. Amazingly, the lovers in the brotherhood overcome all the long ups and downs presented by life.  The secret for success between the brotherhood lovers is the deep love, affection and faithfulness between them. This kind of demonstration deprives the poet of joy and as a result massive envy creeps in.

The poem is structured in a manner to point out an action and in the second part it offers an illustration of the above outlined life events. Clarity of the poem is presented in the organization of sentences. Various poetic techniques and figures of speech are used to convey meanings. Many words are repeated in the course of the poem so as to enhance emphasis in the readers mind.  For instance the word ‘through’ is used in various lines to show extent of the challenges. The use of the word ‘same’ enhances the rhythm and thus the readability. 

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