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The story of Cinderella by Grimm is about a beautiful girl whose parents die and she is left in the care of her mean step mother alongside her two step sisters who have in the recent past defended themselves against the allegations against them. Though her troubles eventually come to an end, the predicament of her step mother still continues to haunt her. In an interview with Judith Rossner about her defense against Disney channel and the way they have portrayed her, the stepmother says that she has been maltreated because of the bad picture that Disney has painted of her and her two daughters. She sued the Disney channel and its management for the ill depiction of her and her family and surprisingly won. In the interview she defends her legal action against the corporation and alleges that regardless of what many think, she has also suffered.

The themes in the Cinderella story are quite successful at amusing while educating on good moral values such as good ultimately prevailing over evil, jealousy, envy and much more. Characters are defined by their actions rather than their possessions, and we learn that ones destiny is ultimately what they deserve, be it good or bad. This implies a delightful personage and goes to show that Cinderella's kindness and compassion is her salvation unlike her step relatives. She goes from a neglected and ragged help to marrying a prince, living in a lavish castle, and in essence living her dreams. As the plot thickens, we observe Cinderella's humility rescuing her from her life of misery in her wicked stepmother's hands, so we have this recurring theme of Good vs. Evil all throughout the story.

Cinderella's stepmother, although she denies it, is essentially a roadblock to the young girl's happiness and success in life. She repeatedly kills her spirit and demeans her while trying to polish her somewhat unpolishable girls. She dresses them in the most expensive and unique gowns while Cinderella dons dirty and worn out clothes. Her malice is again illustrated when in the end while the prince is desperately searching for his bride, she refuses for Cinderella to try on the slipper. The wicked stepmother is indeed a clear opposite of the morals and virtues that Cinderella cherishes. In the interview she quotes "One of the defense attorneys claimed it wasn't the restoration of my good name I was after, but only attention. I was jealous, he said, of the unending spotlight on my stepdaughter Cinderella. I can only wish that he be locked in a room with the Grimm's for eternity." Even in her defense, the stepmother cannot help but show her ill thoughts of even the lawyers. It is quite unfortunate that even unbiased parties are able to see her jealousy and envy for her daughter.

All through her suffering and distress, Cinderella still maintains a positive attitude and still shows utmost respect to her clearly undeserving stepmother. She is obedient, polite and even kind to her step sisters who constantly goad and torment her with nasty comments. Her patience and tolerance is further illustrated when in the beginning, we learn that the resources that her stepmother uses so extravagantly in fact belong to her deceased parents.

The antagonists in this case are definitely Cinderella's step relatives although they have repeatedly denied it and claimed unfair treatment. The step mother has attempted to clear her name by painting others in a bad way but it has proven unsuccessful. No matter how much she will bring people down to thwart the negative press trained upon her, it is forever etched in people's mind of the indiscretions and evils she has given to her step daughter. The truth will always prevail regardless.


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