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Entropy is a term that has been used to suggest a state of disorder. There is no specific direction or action that is taken and mainly depends on surrounding factors.  

The story from our course that shows entropy and Why

A good number of stories have revealed entropy especially among the characters who seem to have no definite solution to a problem. The action they take mainly depends on what they feel will be profitable for them not considering its future consequences. Some of the stories that have exposed such character include the shawl, Shiloh and happy endings.

In "The Shawl", why Rosa imagine her death as a butterfly

Rosa had gone through a lot of situations that she had lost meaning in life. Being subjected to poverty and the fact that she observed her close relatives die in a merciless manner makes her feel that she will die a similar death. Her weaknesses make her feel that just as a butterfly is light and will always die without anybody recognizing them, her life will just end unnoticed.

Tone created in Ozick's story by her use of sentence fragments and images

The tone expressed by Ozick express a merciless society that has no regard for the poor and the weak. The society seems to consider the lowly in the society as a nuisance and individuals that have nothing to offer to the society. It seems like the society will be better without such kind of people.

The option in Atwood's story that I enjoyed the most and Why?

Atwood's story describes a life full of both fun and painful adventures. The characters go through life hoping that it will turn out to be good. Some have fruitful and fulfilling lives yet others are in a life of despair and loneliness. Despite all the good and the bad that comes with life, the en d is one; death. Once life comes to an end, there are no more expectations. The dead will remain dead as the living have to move on despite their circumstances.

Atwood implications by giving us multiple options to choose from

Despite the fact that death is inevitable and has to be faced by all, people are always given a chance to make decisions that will determine whether they will have a fulfilling life or not. Atwood's idea is that people should stop dreaming of a good life when they have the ability to make it. Some people die miserably simply because they ignored certain aspects of their lives while others die in a fulfilled life simply because they purposed to hold on to positive decisions. This is revealed in the text where Mary ignores the kind of treatment she is given by john and hopes that things will turn out to be good.

One sub text lurking below the surface of Berriault's story

Berriault's story gives us a lot of information about Akkay's coat and how the ridicule he received from his colleagues prompted him to save and buy a new one. We are told of how he was attacked and his coat taken away yet it is not clear about who was responsible for the crime. There is definitely a connection between the VIP and the people responsible for stealing Akkay's coat. This has however not been made clear and the reader is left wondering why Akkay curses the VIP.

How Eli (Berriault) and Leroy (Shiloh) are different from typical protagonists

A typical protagonist chooses his own course of life that distinguishes him from the rest. He faces the realities of life and works out to ensure that the end works out for him. He may not necessarily finish the race as a hero, but the character he displays is that of determination. He outlives his weaknesses and finds something that he can hold on to. Eli and Leroy have failed to display such characters by allowing situations to determine their cause of life. Despite the challenges that they are facing, they have not shown a determined spirit that will ensure a fulfilling end.

Discussion of the imagery - what insight does it give us about the characters in Mason's "Shiloh": "They both know that he doesn't know any history. He is just talking about some of the historical plaques they have read.  He feels awkward, like a boy on a date with an older girl." (835)

Here, mason's seems to have lost of what is happening around him. He has failed to embrace the challenges of life and left nature to take its course. To him, escapism is the best solution. He is overwhelmed by the circumstances around him yet is not ready to find solutions to them. He hopes that those around him will be reasonable and sensitive enough to find solutions to his problems. He is a dreamer who is not willing to wake up from his slumber.

What the narrator of Mango Street figured out that was revealed in her discussion of the house

The narrator has brought out the issue of poverty and the unrealized dreams of a family that has been looking forward to a better future. In spite of their looming poverty, they are hopeful that one day things shall turn out to their favor. They have dreams of a satisfying life and each improvement that is made to their life gives them hope to a better tomorrow. The children who are optimistic of a bright future may die waiting for it as what they expected from their parents tends to take eternity for it to pass. Their hope completely dies when they are subjected to pressures that lead to an even worse situation.

One piece of information in Cisneros' biography that I can connect to her story

Cisneros was brought up in a poor family and found herself learning amidst the rich. She is intimidated by the fact that her classmates have everything that it takes for them to succeed while she has no hope at all. She dreams of an opportunity where the environment will allow her to succeed in life despite her minimum resources. she seems to be so much occupied by the dream of being accepted and appreciated that she fails to realize the opportunities that surround her. This also reflects o the story where by the family hopes for a better tomorrow instead of living their life maximally for the day.


Focus on the protagonist: The difference about the protagonists of these stories

The stories have presented protagonists that are not aggressive enough to leave an admirable legacy. They all seem to be dreamers that are hoping that things will automatically turn out for their good. They have allowed the situations that are happening around them to define their destiny rather than rising up to face the challenges head on. They are worried of what life will bring their way and are looking for the quickest way out. They also seem to blame the situations and circumstances around them for their failures yet they show no determination for their life. They are so much focused on people around them that they feel they should change in for them to find meaning in life. They find their present life to be so uncomfortable that they hope tomorrow will be a miracle. They are optimistic that things will change. However, their optimism is not reflected on their hard work. The expect life to change for the better, yet they are not willing to do things differently. Life is about taking risks and trying out on new experiences especially when finds their present lives to be unfulfilling. The characters seem to be afraid of taking risks with the fear of failing. They hence end up living a life full of fantasy. They don't appreciate the little changes that are happening around them and keep longing for a tomorrow that seem to be so far away from them.

The kind of protagonist I prefer

The narrator in 'the house on Mango Street' is my most preferred protagonist considering the fact that she dared to dream. She lived with a certain longing in her heart which she believed that it will come to pass. Even though she laid her expectations on her parents where her dream was to be realized, she found meaning in life. A protagonist is a person that has vision. There is a desired goal and end result that will give her the strength to face every moment of their life. The dream of the narrator seemed to be far from fulfilling. In her innocence as a child, she looked forward to a better life. The parents could have known how difficult it would be to realize the dream of their girl. However, they did not want to disappoint her, they lived their life with the hope that their girl will one day live in her dream house. They kept assuring her on every improvement that they made that it is just temporal and that she should look forward to something better. To me, the strong faith that the girl had on her parents obtaining a house on the mango street brought meaning to their life. The parents felt that their girl so a potential in them which they seemingly did not see themselves.

With their meager income, they had faith that they will not disappoint their daughter and that they will live in her dream house. Even though the dream was not fulfilled, leaving up to the dream must have improved their lives a great deal. They must have been working tirelessly and sacrificially putting in mind that they promised their daughter a better life. Had it not for the goal of living in a house on the mango street, they would have accepted and appreciated their state and never dared to work any harder. The narrator hence tried to express the character of a real protagonist even though her dreams were centered on the hard work of a third party.


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