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"Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown has been received with mixed reactions from readers. Depending on whether one is a catholic, the probability that they liked the novel is clearly reflected in their cries.  The novel is a thriller, and the diction chosen, by Dan Brown, is captivating.

The novel is a mystery and a thriller type. It is about solving mysteries that occur in societies. The novel unfolds dangerous weapons, which are, in use in the society. It also reflects several cultural conflicts that have called for debating because of whether they are true or not.

The novel is about several 'ambigrams' developed by the main character John Langdon a Symbologist at Harvard University, apart from the 'Angels and Demons 'and the' Illuminati' designs. It contains 'ambigrams' of Air, Earth, Fire and Water. These 'ambigrams' have been represented by an Illuminati Diamond that is; each corner of the four corners of the diamond represents an' ambigram'. The novel is about a thirst to solve a mystery that begins when one of the physicists, Leonardo Vetra is murdered. The murdered man is stamped with an illuminati sign on his chests. Four cardinals are also kidnapped. The four are each killed in a manner that represents the illuminati signs. For example, one is drowned to represent water, the second is killed, and soil forced down his throat to represent Earth, and the third is burnt to represent fire.

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There is also a canister that is stolen when the physicist is found dead. Therefore, this marks the starting point to unravel the mystery that has engulfed many people. The quest to find the truth put into light, several things about the Catholic Church.

Dan brown was born and brought up in New Hampshire by his father who was a teacher. He graduated from Amherst College. He spent time teaching English in Phillips Exeter Academy before channeling his efforts fully to writing.

The novel is an enthralling book, and Brown's use of language, make it stand out from the other novels in this category. He has used captivating words that capture the mystery involved in the novel. His ability to keep the reader in suspense is also another of the techniques that make his novels stand out from the rest. He is mature as a writer, unlike his counterparts in the same field. Just like other novels of the same genre "Angels and Demons" is in prose form.

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Cultural values reinforced in the book are the desire to find the truth and justice. In many societies may people are murdered without any crime, and their deaths are neglected. The ghosts of these innocent people always hover around. The novel encourages those who want to bring to light the injustices done. Brown has used Langdon to represent these people who will do anything to ensure that criminal killings are dealt with to the latter.

The values challenged are Christian faith. The reader questions the chastity of the catholic priests and their role in society. The novel presents the church in an extremely compromising manner. The pope confesses that he has a son. It is against the catholic rules to get married while still holding a high office (Brown, 2000).

The novel also exposes brutal killings and secrets behind these killings. It exposes mysterious murders. The society is against murdering people.

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