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Alice Walker's story, "Everyday Use," uses a number of objects to bring out the message, and these are symbols of slavery, suffering, female domesticity, and cultural heirlooms. When considering the value of such objects, it is found out that their meaning and value are worth to individuals, in this case women, who are in the story, rather than the outsiders of the story. The story itself is gathered around a fundamental image, of which consists of the process of quilting and the quilts themselves. The application of quilting and the quilts is considered to be of significance, especially to critics, since the theme is highly developed and expounded on in her other work.

Therefore, quilt has been considered as a metaphor in this story of "Everyday Use" for the approach in which scraps and fragments that are found to be useless can be brought together to come up with something that is presentable. The same way as the term quilting simply indicates the overall process of which the meaningless and probably unimportant fragments may be changed into things that are useful and have value. Therefore, this research will be attempting to respond to the question (thesis of the study) of "How do the impact of key objects in the story, "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, such as the old quilts and the burned house, have attracted the attention of the reader towards the conflicts within the story." The research paper will take the following format in working over the thesis of the paper:

  1. Introduction about the story and the existing objects used.
  2. The construction of "Everyday Use" story
  3. An overview on how often the objects have been used in the story.
  4. Possible conflicts in "Everyday Use" story
  5. Key aspects within conflicts in "Everyday Use" story
  6. The impact of such objects in attracting the attention of the reader towards the named conflicts.
  7. Finally have a conclusion at the end.


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