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Incident is one of those poems one would read and just laugh at the actions of the Baltimorean. It is captivating because racism was at its peak at that very time when Countee wrote his poem. However, all he could remember was the "Nigger" part which shows how young children understand clearly the words being used by their elders. The child was there from May through to December, but all he remembers is the racism that was present in the surrounding. This shows that children are very attentive and quick to learn; hence the element that captivates me in this poem is the fact that he was keen to learn his environment and was abler to respond well to the situations that concerned him.

Traveling through the Dark is one of the poems that gives readers a morale lesson and knowledge of the world. The poet was keen in writing the work and used familiar experiences to present his work with the aim of instilling knowledge to all people. The element that captivated me most is the fact that the person was considerate of the animal and decided to end its misery by not subjecting it to the cruel, cold and unforgiving world since it had no protector (mother). Survival in the current world needs experience and shelter and the animal lacked all those. This spills down to us humans, we need guidance and protection in order to fight the battle that comes our way. The poem has a morale lesson for all those critical thinkers.


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