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American dream is the ability of someone to become popular, respected, successful and prosperous in life. American dream entertains the idea of being affluent in the society and living a life obsolete of problems and suffering.  The fantasy of someone being independent, influential and in possession of big wealth that allows lavish lifestyles.

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The American dream is evident in the play 'Death of a Salesman' especially where miller has used numerous characters to contrast the difference between the success and failure of the American system and we find Willy who is a dreamy salesman with a bigger imagination is compared to his sales ability (Miller Et al. 72). He sometimes boasts to his wife that the trip was very successful even though it wasn't so and such ideas portrays American dream where one is contented and have not to complain about anything.

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Willy's wife is also used to show the element of American dream when she always supports and stands by her husband even if he is not realistic about his life. Charlie and his son Bernard enjoy better success in life compared to the Loman's family who only has Ben as the sole family member special things to achieve in life.

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Linda, Willy's wife is a used by Miller to describe the effect of the dream as she is shown to always agree by the dreams of his husband and she is unable to view things in a real way thus she is shown as woman who in many  ways suffers and endures all she represent plays moral value of love. She does nothing to offer a solution to his husband problem of dreaming too much and she admires him such that she appears to be destroying his family by encouraging such behaviors. She entertains Willy's dream but she refuses to let him go to a new continent where his dreams could come true. She thus fuels the inferno of his husband's dreams and they both live on the uncontrolled life of lies.

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Biff the family oldest son pursues for the purpose of his life where Wily continuously fed him with 'hot hair' his life's lies of success and American dream. This makes him falter so much in the effort of fighting for his life as he is unable to hold o to his job for the reason of his inability to follow rules and orders, so he keeps on moving in search for a better option (Williams and Bray, 34). His misfortunes forces him to know the truth about Willy's illusions that then paralyses him and becomes disillusioned and  such indicates two versions of idealist.

Another element of American dream is shown by Happy the youngest son who follows his fathers lies and he ends up in the city with his fathers career of salesman and even claims that he is hold a high position in the company while the reality is that he is on the lower position and he never comes to terms to the reality and see himself as he is like his brother who discovers what he stands for.

In the Glass menagerie, American dream is portrayed by the life of Amanda which impoverished but Amanda is a believer in the dream of future success determined buy ones struggles, she encourages Tom to work hard and he will one day succeed, though tom is not the and of person who can develop his career to generate wealth and success because his goals are different. Also Jim portrays American dream as he is a fan of achievements and he believes in the promise of technology and he as embraced the spirit of self advancement through studies and he believes in the positive progression of his life which one day will yields him success.

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