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In the poem "Alone" by Edgar Allan Poe, it is not clearly seen who the narrator in the poem addresses. But it is clearly shown in the very first line "From childhood's hour I have not been" that the poem is about the personal life of the narrator.  The narrator's gender is not known it may be male or female but nowhere in the poem is it clearly shown. The narrator explains how differently things that happened earlier in his childhood life were viewed by him as compared to others as seen in line two and three hour "I have not been As others were; I have not seen as others saw". The narrator further explains in lines 9 10 11 and 12 how from childhood's good and bad experiences created a mystery around him "Then- in my childhood, in the dawn rhyme; of a most stormy life- was drawn; from every depth of good and ill; the mystery which binds me still". The poet uses a number of poetry devises that have a great contribution to the overall effect and experiences that the poem recreates. The major poetic devises that the author used in the poem include repetition, rhyme and imagery. (Poe)

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Repetition is the purposeful re-use of words or even phrases in a poem for the purposeful reason of creating a certain effect. When it is sometimes used each time with longer phrases that have different key words each time, is referred to as parallelism. In the poem it is used on several occasions over and over the poem and each time it creates a certain effect on the poem.  In line 2 and 3 repetition is clearly seen in the two words as others

"As others were; I have not seen

As others saw; I could not bring"

In this case the repetition used creates an effect of rhythm Repetition is used to re-in force the main idea of comparison between the narrator and all the other people.

The author also uses repetition in lines 4 6 and 7.

"My passions from a common spring...

My sorrow; I could not awaken

My heart to joy at the same tone"

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The word my is repeated in the lines creating an effect of rhythm and also to emphasize that the poem referred to the narrators experiences

The author uses repetition in line 8

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"And all I loved, I loved alone."

In this line it is used to emphasize the emotions of the narrator and create rhythm in the poem.

Repetition is also seen in lines 1 and 5,

"From childhood's hour I have not been...

From the same source I have not taken..."

Repetition is used to emphasize on the time period that certain experiences took place and also to create a certain pattern of rhythm. The author also uses repetition in the lines 11,13,14,15 and 17

"From every depth of good and ill ...

From the torrent, or the fountain,

From the red cliff of the mountain,

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From the sun that round me rolled

From the thunder and the storm"

In all this lines repetition is used to create a form of rhythm in the poem and also to heighten the emotional impact of the many experiences that the narrator had during childhood that shaped the mystery that he still has. (

Rhyme is also another poetic devise that the author uses all through the poem. He uses a number of Words that have different sounds at the beginning but sound alike at their endings to create rhyme through the poem. In lines; 1 and 2 the words seen and been;3 and 4 the words bring and spring; 7 and 8  the words tone and alone;  9 and 10 dawn and drawn   11 and 12 the words  ill and still; 15 and 16 the words  rolled and gold in 17 and 18 the words sky and by and finally  17 and 18 the words storm and form respectively show this . All this words help form a rhyme scheme aabb all through the poem. The author also uses double rhyme the words Taken and awaken at the end of lines 5 and 6 while the words fountain and mountain at the end of lines 13 and 14 respectively show this.

The use of such rhyming couplets helps to keep the reader of the poem interested and thereby enabling one to learn and understand the poem more. They also give a sense of repetition helping reinforce the main idea or concept of the poem thereby giving a summary of the poet's feelings. Rhyme in this poem is used by the author to provide   pleasure as a result of contentment of a basic human desire to see likeness in unlikeness, a certain likeness with a difference. It also ensures the coupling of lines and thoughts thereby impressing poems and passages on the mind in a way that supports recall of the poem. Rhyme is also a structural device in that it helps to state the ends of lines just like the many lines in the poem. It is also a rhetorical scheme that the poet uses to shape the poem and also helps the reader to understand it better finally  it also links ones  thoughts,  thereby dragging the reader's mind back from  the current  word to the word that preceded it.

The final and most used poetic devise by the author is Imagery. This is the use of concentrated language to produce ideas and also conjure mental images, not just of the visual sense, but also of emotion and sensation as well. The poet uses a lot of imagery all through the whole poem and as such they create different moods and tones of the poem. The aspect of imagery is seen in lines 13, 14, 15 and 17

"From the torrent, or the fountain,

From the red cliff of the mountain,

From the sun that round me rolled

From the thunder and the storm

And the cloud that took the form

Of a demon in my view"

This creates various images to the reader of the poem, the image of a fountain, a mountain, the sun, thunder and storm which gives a dark mood to the poem which is further increased by the image of a cloud that shows the figure of a demon. (magic)

The use of imagery is also shown all through the story that the narrator is giving about his past. Evoking in the reader images of childhood and how different the author was at that stage in life that has led to his mystery to the recent times presumed adulthood. The poem is a dramatic monologue as shown by the narrator this enables the reader to visualize a speaker giving the result that the meticulousness of the condition is evident. Imagery gives the poem a dark mood and a low tone showing that the narrator is different and depressed while young and this follows him to adulthood shown by images of storms and lightning.

Edgar Allan Poe uses a number of poetic devises all through the poem. But the most used are imagery repetition and rhyme. All this devises each gave their own contribution to the overall effect and experiences that the poem has recreated of the narrator's childhood.

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