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The eleventh stanza talks about an author who created worthy works of literature. He wrote fictional novels about a hero who he painted as perfect and totally altruistic. In this stanza, we find the subjects of love, virtue and creativity of the said author. The twelfth stanza is filled with regret, negative criticism and disdain for the current creative writers. Apparently, creativity has decreased and novels are now attractive to the readers. They talk about things which cannot exist in reality.

Neoclassicism is quite evident in the two stanzas. The poet starts by recognizing and appreciating the good work of creative writers. He then goes ahead and compares the good work of such writers with the horrific ones. He compares the classic creative writers with the British fables which encourage the growth of vices in human beings. The readers are expected to admire classic writers. The tone is full of regret as the poet analyses the difference between creative and non creative writing. The poet is clearly disappointed with the current creativity of authors. Words like; reviled, enigmatic, egotism and saturnine give attitude to the poem.

There are quite a number of verbs in the two stanzas including; show, stood, wandering and cloaked. The vocabulary is full of metaphors; the poet refers to the hero as the child of the author who created him. He also talks of saturnine romanticism to describe how people appreciate the current novels that encourage vices. The metaphors in the poem are meant to arouse the reader’s curiosity and enhance understanding. The characters in the two stanzas include; an author of creative works, a hero created by this author and readers of these creative works. The poet’s attitude to his readers is that of regret and warning.


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