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In the "Escape", William Wells has employed various techniques to give meaning to the character as well as the themes that are expounded in his work. Hypocrisy is one of the features that he depicts as an attribute of the society. As Well outlines about the in his work, the society holds for other men in slavery yet at the same time hold Christian value at heart. The use of hypocrisy is for the purpose of showing the contradiction that the mars the societal values (Brown 43).

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The nature of hypocrisy that Brown reveals on his work also helps in giving the readers the reason as to why he pushes for the liberation of men and abolition of slavery. Slavery though condoned by the society, it bring pain and woe to those that are held captive as slaves. Additionally the use of hypocrisy by Brown helps in establishing his rhetorical strategy.

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In Joseph Addison's "Cato" the use of hypocrisy has been advanced by Addison in order to depict the nature so some of the characters like Cato with regard to the whole piece of work. Through the use of hypocrisy Additions gives a clear representation of how people can be oppressed by those considered to be hypocrites (Addison 88).

Through this Addison works, Cato is shown as a hypocrite who feigns to be in trouble while he is not. In the end, we see an implication of how men like Cato can have an outward show of religion yet in the inside lack the value that would be attributed to real religiosity.

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