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The poem "To a Locomotive in Winter" by Whitman, in a special way acknowledges the industrial revolution that led to the innovation of the train. In the poem, he portrays the strength and the beauty of the train in a number of ways. The words employed to display the train reveal that Whitman greatly admired this creation. He  notes that," Thy black cylindric body, golden brass and silvery steel, Thy ponderous side-bars, parallel and connecting rods, gyrating, shuttling at thy sides" (Whitman ln4). It is through imagery that the beauty and its strength are portrayed. The imagery is displayed when he puts it across that, "Thy great protruding head-light fix'd in front,  Thy long, pale, floating vapor-pennants, tinged with delicate purple" (ibid ln 7-8 ). Different parts of the train are described in a spectacular manner as revealed in the former sentence that describes some parts as "delicate" beauty that is reinforced with the "great" strength.

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Through description, a reader can easily deduce that the combinations of the different compositions of the train are attributed to the motion of the train. These parts of the train all come together to create the train's motion: "Through gale or calm, now swift, now slack, yet steadily careering;  Type of the modern - emblem of motion and power - pulse of the continent, " (ibid ln 12-13). Whitman, a renounced poet is well known for his unique use of voice which he exceptionally employs in the poem "To a Locomotive in Winter". The voice used is able to bring some imaginations to the reader about the ability of the train to employ its various parts all together there by creating mobility of the train: a feature described as power and strength of the train. Through this imagination, one cannot fail to categorically identify the theme of teamwork that results to motion of the train. This theme is disclosed by the ability of the train to use its different components for different purposes and thereby achieve the desired results, transportation of goods and people.

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Whitman uses a tone that clearly demonstrates importance and the greatness of this American scientific achievement that is attributed to technological advancement in the 19th century.  In a distinctive way, he uses beauty of mechanical wonders of the locomotive unlike other poets who described beauty by mainly focusing on the plants and animals. He notes that the locomotive is "Fierce-throated beauty", clearly revealing that beauty can also be portrayed by the train's existence (ibid ln18). Whitman severally uses the words, "thee" and "thy", in the poem to present a tone of respect and admiration of the train. He, Whitman, remains on the subject of the matter, this spectacular work which symbolizes the scientific achievement of America. Through acknowledging this innovation, Whitman clearly displayed his appreciation to the technological achievements of the American People through poetry.

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