Free «“The Storm” by Kate Chopin and “The Haunted House” by Virginia Woolf» Essay Sample

The Storm is a story that revolves around a family in the late nineteenth century at Friedheimer's store in Louisiana. The story unfolds in the house of Calixta and Bobinôt. The story describes extreme situations that resulted in extraordinary behaviors raising the question whether such conditions certainly influence the decisions people make. For instance, Calixta is under pressure and is anxious at home waiting for her husband and son who are trapped by the storm. Coincidentally, her former lover is riding nearby and comes to her house to get away from the storm. This leads to a myriad of unpleasant choices made under extreme conditions. The Haunted House, on the other hand, is a fantasy. The story revolves around a couple that moves into a haunted house. In the night when they are asleep, a ghostly couple comes in the house in search for treasure. In the end, the couple realizes that treasure was not the actual physical treasure rather it referred to love and the light and purity in the heart. The setting of the story is in a farm in southeastern England, in the late nineteenth century.

A Haunted House is a short story that can be categorized as a genre in the fantasy category. The story is made up of two couples; one a ghostly one and the other a living one. The Storm, on the other hand, is a real life drama revolving around a situation where a married woman ends up trapped by the storm in her house with her former lover, while her husband and son are trapped elsewhere. The Haunted House is humorous, and the narrator uses the first person point of view where they report what the ghost couple was doing.

The tone used in The Storm can be described as both encouraging and sympathetic. The narrator’s tone seems to be sympathizing with the couple because they love each other, but their affair can only last during the storm. The tone is also encouraging to the characters to have their affair. The tone of The Haunted House, on the other hand, is light hearted. Some might even perceive it and a playful tone especially when the couple realizes that the ghost couple is friendly.

The setting of The Haunted House is in England. Although the exact location is not known, the time is during the late 19th century. The story is mostly inside the house mainly asthe ghost couple goes from door to door looking for their treasure. However, The Storm has its setting in Louisiana’s farm. The story has several settings, for instance, at the Friedheimer’s store, the house where Calixta and Bobinot live, and finally, the house where Clarisse is having her vacation. Houses in both these stories represent shelter. In The Storm, the house represents the shelter from the actual storm for Calixta and Alcee. The house also seems to protect Clarisse from her restricting life back at home. In the case of The Haunted House, the couple gets shelter from the rest of the world.

The Storm has been written with fluidity. It also incorporates dialect and sophisticated language. ” My! Bibi, w'at will yo' mama say! You ought to be ashame'. You oughta' put on those good pants. Look at 'em! An' that mud on yo' collar! How you got that mud on yo' collar, Bibi? I never saw such a boy!” (Chopin 33). The author constantly changes the language and tone to create the atmosphere in each scene. Over and over the author changes the language, which is a clear indication of the high skill and fluidity in her language. The author in The Haunted House has used a style called Stream of Consciousness. This style helps her to show the audience the inside lives, thoughts, and feelings of the characters. For example, "Here we slept," she says and they both continue, “Kisses without number.-Waking in the morning.-Silver between the trees.-Upstairs. - In the garden.-When summer came.-In the winter snow time" (Woolf 321). This quote tells a story about the ghost couple and their activities throughout the story. It also shows the places where the couple hid their treasure, which in this case refers to joy and love. The author has used this method of writing to help the audience better understand what the characters in the story were going through.

Both these stories talk of love, in the institution of marriage, and its importance. In The Storm, there is hidden passion between Alcee and Calixta, there is also love between Alcee and Clarissa and between Calixta and Bobinot. Love is throughout the story, and it is one of the major themes. In The Haunted House, the ghost couple spends their time looking for treasure, which we later get to find out, refers to love and light from the heart. The two stories seem to ironically contradict each other since in The Storm, we see couples betraying each other throughout the story. However, in The Haunted House, the couples in question are faithful and loyal. In my opinion, the thesis of the paper is that love is a treasure but it is not always what it seems to be. This can be explained by the reaction of the characters depicted through the story.


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