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Free «Nathaniel Hawthorn`s Stories» Essay Sample

Nathaniel Hawthorns 1943 short story brings out the concept of arrogance, conceit and the self-aggrandizement that was embodied with the power to destroy. Aylmer one of Hawthorne’s main character is portrayed as a protagonist that is intelligent with ideas of the scientific knowledge, he is also described as one that believed in the man power on the control over the nature. He is believed to have had passion in science with sorcery in the philosophical nature, the experimentation by putting the concoctions together for a magic in the name of the scientific knowledge in nature and spiritualism. The short story reveals the type of people who look for the creative force that are in secret in pursuit for perfection while on the other hand he is portrayed as lone who arrogantly believes in achieving what he believes in. the short story also shows how some people believe in their own powers and through serving them, they can go to the extent of tempering with their own lives. This is depicted when Aylmer destroys his beautiful wife just because of the believe in his unfounded natural powers. Due to the believe in the powers, Aylmer supposedly did away wit his wife Georgiana because his wife had a birthmark on the left cheek that was shaped like a hand, and according to her husband Aylmer the birthmark was a simple of the satanic sin in her life. A simple of sorrow, sin, death and even decay. The author therefore reveals another aspect of our control lover nature depicted in Georgiana when she is contented and driven by the love for her husband who believes in powers that controls nature and she too due to this tries to do away with her birthmark which is barely a natural feature in her life and she is trying to change it. According to the author, the birthmark hand on Georgiana’s cheek is in itself a metaphor which is on the other hand a sign of particular power that can control, rhetorically was it the hand of God or rather the hand of her husband Aylmer which is a symbol of a destructive manipulation in their life.



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Therefore, in this case we can understand how a person can have self esteem with the integrity that is decayed through her belief of his belief in the superior powers and the intellectualism that their loved ones do posses. This is depicted through situations where she allows her husband’s to carry out experiments on her in the lab trying to prove his control over nature even when there is evidence of the failed previous experiments. Love in this case controls his wife to follow and believe what he does and this makes him posse’s great control over her. The powers he posses also help keep his servant and an assistant to him, these powers kept his assistant to stay and serve him no matter what. Aylmer’s name “Aminadab” mean bad soul according to the author of the short story. According to the author, Aminadab barely represents mans nature physically while Aylmer’s body on the other hand represented the spiritual element. This therefore indicates the great battle that has been in existent between the soul and the body. His assistant is believed to have been greatly against what his master Aylmer has intended to do, but the great powers that his master posses could not let him off the hook an indication of a potential risk.

The art of intelligence in Aylmer makes him arrogant and conceit and this deceives him to strongly assume man can alter Gods creation which is symbolized in the short story through his wife’s birthmark in the face. Although he is later seen to manage fading the facial birthmark, his pride made him kill his wife which the author in his imagery depicts as hell vision, the furnace that is hot with the feverish worker and Aylmer is seen hanging on the hot furnace like a mad alchemist according to the author. The author teaches us that don’t let another take control of your destiny because of the pride and the arrogance against nature of authored by God that is brought about by the intellectualism given by God as a gift for you serve Him through it.

In the story of “they are not your husband’s by Raymond Carver” Ober who is a third party narrator is married to a man that is jobless but drinks beyond his control. Her husband Earl is believed to be overtaken by drinking. Despite the fact that the financial status of the family feel not that good, the character doesn’t get moved by the situation to the control he has bestowed in alcohol and visits drinking places as the only option in life. The author portrays him as a person who has lost self esteem and feels useless because he lacks a job in life and therefore he is insignificant. The author too portrays him a person who believes in the fact that without job you are insignificant in the society which is a mere misconception. Consequently, they believe in this misconception leads to a poor relation in the family where they believe that finances are the only drivers of peace in families.

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In both occasions, the gender roles outlined pose different case scenarios although are related. In Hawthorns case, Georgiana presents himself as a submissive person and this gives her husband an opportunity to manipulate her in efforts to achieve his personal interests in the failed experiments. Georgiana is presented as a submissive and a naïve person this evident in the fact that her her decisions were only supposed to please the husband. On the other hand, Doreen accommodates her husband at her working place and goes to the extent of giving him drinks at the restaurant which is not recommended and if anything, the cost may be deducted from her pay which is not even enough to sustain her family. The author also exposes the flaws of men’s view on the women where their ambitions are seen to work end of life of his wife. This seen also when the woman in this context condones the failures of her husband which has the same reflection in the story “they are not your husband’s” where Doreen condones the joblessness status of her husband and his uncouthly incidences when the husband comes to sit in the coffee shop at night where the wife is working. Doreen also accepts the nature of hr husband drinking nature as an excuse of lack of job and therefore that is Earls only companion or rather occupation. In both cases, the husbands roles are viewed as unproductive pursuits in the sense that despite Aylmer’s attempts in sorcery experiments, nothing has yielded fruits until his last trial which is seen as a success leads his to make the life of his wife extinct, and too on the other hand Earls attempts to get a job fails occasionally despite several attempts on job interviews. This could have been attributed to by the fact that he is an alcoholic and perhaps not favoring him well whenever he goes for an interview. This situation leads to lack of support to the family which makes it a female led family with the little finances the lady brings from the coffee kiosk for the family support.

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In both stories, the authors indicate that sometimes or in most occasions if not all, it is just hard to change on the nature however genius you may be, most of the human beings have ended up in messy situations due to their unproductive efforts to try an alter the nature that they do live in. the perception of the love we have we have for one another should not make alter decisions we ought to make in relation to the love for humanity.


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