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Sway sway, the petal drops

Slowly the breeze gently puts its down

Sweet rest on the green ground

Spongy mother earth for one last time

One last touch, one last caress

One last look before shutting the eyes forever.

The poem depicts the image of a petal falling to the ground. It recounts how the wind sways it around before gently reaching the ground. This poem can be interpreted in several ways. First, the petal can be taken literary as a petal from a flower falling down. It is common knowledge that once a petal comes off the flower, it withers eventually and loses its beauty. It can be taken as the natural process of nature.

The second interpretation involves viewing the petal as a symbol of life. Life buds, and blossoms into a beautiful flower. After some time, the flower gets old, and petals begin to drop. Eventually, the entire flower dies as is no more. This is evident from the poem. Slowly life fades and as a person is about to die, what matters the most are the last things around. For r instance, the last touch from a loved one, the last kiss and the last thing to see before dying.

Some people may also interpret the poem as a love poem. The petals represent desire or love. Love is slowly swaying before it slowly dies. The line on the last caress shows the need for love and care before the love dies or shifts to another individual. “Sway sway” can be interpreted to represent the instability in the relationship. The poem has left so many loopholes that allow readers to interpret the poem from different perspectives. The only person with the intended interpretation is usually the poet, who understands what was going through their minds at the time of writing. In my case, the poem was a symbol of a sort of death r loss of something. The flower, so beautiful slowly falling after its days of glory is sad, as it represents what goes on in mans life. It represents the sad fate every person and living thing has to undergo. It represents the loss of something precious in life.


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