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Masturbation is probably one of the activities a person – whether a man or a woman – does for some particular reasons. However, most of the discussions about the practice seem to be very complicated, since the topic is directly related to human sexuality. Nevertheless, such practice should not be hidden in human intellect avoiding talking as this could be considered as deceiving oneself. Throughout the history of humanity, sex is a ‘nature’ no one can take aside or neglect.

Masturbation has been first portrayed in rock paintings in different cultures of the ancient times; anthropologists suggest that early humans relate human sexuality to natural abundance (Cavendish, 2009). Although almost all the paintings depict male beings, what they depict is simply an encouragement for the natural environment to bring about great nourishment for the people. Thus, seeing its history, masturbation is already considered an important part of human life. The following discussion will be considering the benefits found in such practice.

First of all, masturbation is said to be an instrument for emotional pleasure. Research attests that stress can also be caused by sexual boredom. Thus, as studies affirm, people find their relief from such stresses in masturbation. People with higher level of sexual tedium are more likely to have higher desire for masturbation, and the frequency of it could be of greater level since it is clear that the individual have “high sex drive and would like greater sexual stimulation” (Bockting & Coleman, 2003). Masturbation cannot be done without any level of emotional drive; masturbation can be considered coherent to emotion. Thus, masturbation is one way for meeting the emotional needs of an individual in terms of sexuality. This is the first benefit that can be seen in masturbation; it is for emotional health of a person.

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Another advantage a person may find in masturbation is physical benefit. Physical benefits in masturbation come in different ways. The first benefit is for the immune system of the human body (“8 Benefits of Male Masturbation,” n.d.). According to some research, human seminal plasma is one agent along with other human cells in modulating the immunity of human body. The next benefit of such practice is that it keeps the individual in good health. Prostate cancer, for instance, is a very dangerous disease. Research study says that masturbation is one way for decreasing the incidence of the said cancer (“8 Benefits of Male Masturbation,” n.d.). The third benefit brought by masturbation is relief from stress and other physical tension. It has been studied that common manifestation of stress is anger. In such situation, the blood pressure of an individual becomes high. Masturbation, somehow, is said to be a helping factor in easing down the blood pressure in any stressful incidence. It is also said that masturbation “releases sexual tension without any performance anxiety” (“8 Benefits of Male Masturbation,” n.d.). It must be noted that overall sexual dysfunction in an individual does not have a direct relation to masturbation (Bockting & Coleman, 2003). What this suggests is that masturbation may or may not lead to other physical (sexual) problems. Thus, masturbation can still be beneficial, in the way that it does not require any performance instrumentation relieving the person from any performance anxiety.

Another category of benefits for such practice is very practical. Masturbation is already considered as a beneficial factor in the social life of mankind. A little funny though, masturbation is said to be a money-earning thing. Sperm Bank Inc. suggests that donating of one’s sperm at a local sperm bank can lead to an extra income (“8 Benefits of Male Masturbation,” n.d.). Another thing regarding the social benefits of masturbation is that donating sperm will also be of help to those who are having a hard situation for having offspring. Many couples today are experiencing much depression, wherein either the husband or the wife is infertile. Thus, if it is the husband that has the problem, the donated sperm can be given to the wife upon the approval of the couple. In turn, the donation of the sperm (through masturbation) helps socially.

Among the different benefits of masturbation the following could be considered as the most beneficial thing in such practice. It is a combination of physical and social benefits. This benefit may be considered as a means to avoid unwanted pregnancy and the risk of having sexually transmitted diseases (Haecker, n.d.). One sad issue in human society is unwanted pregnancies. This mostly occurs among teenagers who are engaged in sexual relationships. Masturbation can be the means of emitting the reproductive cells in other areas instead of directly in the organ of the person of the opposite sex. Many couples today (those who are engaged in relationship but not yet in marriage) use such practice in order to prevent themselves from the temptation of having a sexual intercourse before marriage. If this will be used by people today, it could be a way for social benefits as well. Unwanted pregnancy mostly leads to divorces; most of the times, it leads to broken family or great misunderstanding between the partners and their children. That will be a sad reality for every human being. Thus, masturbation is a good substitute for an intercourse between a couple until marriage, because unless there is a genital-to-genital contact between them, “sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy very rarely result” (Cavendish, 2009).

Masturbation is sometime seen by some as an indecent practice (Freeman, 1990). However, research studies have affirmed that there are many benefits in such practice, which are in fact very important for an individual. Moreover, masturbation is not just clinically beneficial to all, it also offers good things in terms of economical, mental, emotional, and social profit.


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