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Free «Abortion Murder» Essay Sample

Abortion is the act of taking away of an embryo or fetus from the uterus that results in or is caused by the death of fetus. This can happen unexpectedly being a miscarriage or be synthetically induced by surgical ,chemical or other way. Medically, abortion is described as induced termination or miscarriage before the twenty weeks' pregnancy, which is thought to be nonviable. Throughout the history of man and civilization, abortion has been done by different methods.

Throughout time, abortion has been a foundation of substantial controversy and debate. I am a pro-life advocate, and, with this, I am in great opposition of abortion. My personal standpoint on the intricate ethical, legal, and moral issues has a vivid connection with my values system. My stand on abortion can be described as the private beliefs and values on the morality and decency of abortion and the viewpoint on the ethical limit of the legitimate authority of the government. Using the moral absolutism view, abortion is completely wrong and immoral regardless of the context or situation (Larmer, 1995). We have to consider what is moral and just based on natural laws of existence and will of God. An embryo or a fetus (if to speak about late developmental stages) is a human being which has the right to security and protection from the moment of its conception and, therefore, has a right to live that must be appreciated and respected. Reproduction is generally thought to be an indispensible component of the natural human life (e.g., fertilization, differentiation as well as birth are the processes of the natural human life), therefore, abortion is opposite to this design. Abortion is thought to be a homicide. Let me say that, unless this act of homicide is justified in any way, perhaps because it is needed in order to save the woman’s life, then abortion is a murder. My stand is based on the moral absolutism perspective that the right of human beings to exist begins at conception-fertilization. Furthermore, abortion is seen to be a unjust and deliberate killing of the fetus violating its right to live. Lastly, the law must prohibit illegal violations of the right to life.


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