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Drug trafficking refers to the global illegal trade that entails the cultivation, manufacture, storage, distribution, and sale of substances. These actions violate the drug prohibition laws. Rowe (2006) points out that drug trafficking is an illicit trade and many countries preach against it by ensuring quality, safety, and legality of drugs before being allowed into the market.

The first federal law against drug trafficking was the banning of opium importation from China. The law was passed in 1875 and was commonly referred to as the San Francisco Ordinate. The law prohibited opium smoking in opium dens. It asserted that most young girls and men were ruined morally due to their constant visit of the Chinese opium smoking dens. However, the law did not ban the use of opium among the Chinese population in the United States.

Another significant Act that prohibits the use of illegal substances was the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. According to this law, no person has a right to possess marijuana because no licenses were issued, which allow this. According to Rowe (2006), the law came in as a total ban on illegal drugs because it did not allow drug dealers to get a license.

Legislation is an effective way to combat substance abuse all over the globe. Legislations are laws enacted by a particular institution to ensure that illegal drugs are prohibited and effective actions are taken against those who go against the established laws. They are vital in the prevention of the use of illegal substances. The drug abuse should be punished. Thus, legislations guard moral standards in society due to the elimination of drug use.


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