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Genetically modified foods are foods gained from genetically modified organisms. People began selling this food in 1996. Notably, GM foods comprise of plants such as corn, soybeans, and rice. Nowadays, scientists began creating different types of GM foods. Some people are against consuming these products, while others are of the opinion that it is cheap and a good opportunity. In my opinion, there is nothing bad in eating GM foods. Of course, no solid arguments were made to prove its safety. As I already know, scientists made the research on animals and proved that people can safely consume GM foods. Ruse & Castle (2002) indicate that every animal stayed healthy after this research. At the same time, scientists cannot promise the humanity that, if people eat this food permanently, no side effects will appear. In 2008, from Media World I came to know that GM foods were eaten by millions of people up to 15 years with no ill reports (Ruse & Castle, 2002). I feel that people have to try to eat this food for some time, and if any side effects appear, everyone can consume it with no doubts. As a result, it will improve economics all over the world and save your own money.      

GM Bananas

According to Mestel (2012), genetically modified foods made a great sensation in the news recently. Plants, which are called genetically modified, have been modified in the laboratories. As everyone knows, the world population has grown up to 7 billion people and is expected to double in the next 60 years (Mestel, 2012). So it will be difficult to supply so many people with food. GM foods promise to meet this need in various ways as plants will have resistance to different plant diseases, plants will be tolerate to cold, etcetera. As I learnt, one experiment was made in Africa with bananas. I think that bananas are one of the most consuming foods in this region, so farmers have to increase the amount of the crop in any case. To make it more they just have to modify bananas. According to my point of view, any side effects will not appear. For example, research in 2008 proved that people used GM foods for 15 years and no illnesses were reported. In conclusion, I want to add that GM foods have the potential to solve many worlds’ problems and to help protect the environment.


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