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Free «Intelligence as Experience» Essay Sample

Intelligence vs. experience is the puzzle that raises a lot of controversy in society, especially considering interviews meant to recruit new employees. Experience is defined as the knowledge or skill which is gained during the handling of situations where knowledge is applied. After exposure to the event for a long time one may be called an expert in that field. Intelligence, on the other hand, is difficult to define because it generally describes the human brain and the way it functions. Every human being is gifted in different ways; in my opinion, intelligence is the ability to know and utilize one’s talent. The use of IQ as a measure of one’s intelligence should not be conclusive, and individuals should be left to explore the capacities of their brains under no or minimal supervision.

The above definition, thus, raises the question, is intelligence an experience of one’s true ability? Being exposed to the same events constantly gives an individualbetter judgment, reasoning and develops critical thinking skills. This helps individuals to handle the challenges, which they encounter in their lifetime.



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In the case of a successful farmer considering his vast plantation, the farmer has spent many years planting, preparing, and harvesting his farm. He almost inherently knows when the rain is about to fall, when is the right time to harvest his crop. An outsider perceives him as an intelligent farmer. He knows the seasons without the use of a calendar. His vast years of experience working in the fields make him the intelligent farmer the outsider knows.

The story of a self-employed business lady who started from scratch with an idea is another example. She managed her startup business and turned it into a success from conceiving the business plan to implementing it. She has met obstacles in the market and has navigated through it all. Her experience will be viewed as business acumen to future investors.

A professor, with a PhD has labored and read a lot of books from a young age. The experience from understanding advance theorems and coming up with new ones has made him an important man in society. He can mould the minds of the young generation using of his intelligence.

When a toddler touches a hot or sharp object he gets hurt and cries a lot. That experience to his fellow toddlers is seen as intelligence because he can predict the effect of a hot object on their hands. A parent raising kids uses the knowledge that he had learned from his own parents when he was also a child in order to raise his kids well. The intelligence he uses to handle the children is from an experience, and he will be good at parenting.

A teacher preparing a candidate class will use the intellect he or she has for the purpose of improving the class before the final papers. This intellect is gained from the hours invested in teaching previous classes, and the class will be successful at the final examinations.

An engineer who has spent almost eight years at the university gaining his skill set will be apt for the job market. The time spent in workshops and laboratories are viewed as worthy experience, which add to his intellect as an engineer.

Oneness of pairs is a universal and also a religious concept that states that everything of significance to man comes in pairs. For example, the sun and the moon, a man was created, and a woman followed, there is darkness in the form of night and brightness in the form of day. The examples detailing this concept are innumerable; the pairs in most of the examples occur in pairs of opposites which makes us conclude that in order to define something there must be its opposite. This implies that if there were no opposite we could not identify the object.

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So how does intelligence as an experience relate to this? The exposure to pain helps us to experience joy, making pain distinguishable from joy. Some musicians and great artists are known to have experienced very violent emotions, and in this experience, they found the inspiration to compose soothing music and lyrics. The classic example of Abraham Lincoln, an American president, who underwent very traumatizing times and it is during this time that he went on to write the history books for his efforts in uniting all the states of America.


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