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Nursing is a field of caring sciences. Nursing professionals are supposed to take care of humans from individual level to others, to the community and to the whole living beings on the Earth. All of us in our lifespan visit different nurses/doctors for medical treatment. Each time we receive different behavior from different nurses.

My personal experience:

I personally own quite weak immune system that is why I visit nurses quite often. I have learnt with my experience that different nurses possess dissimilar behavior. All the behaviors I received from the nurses are briefed below:

Nurses lacking empathy:

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Some nurses really lack empathy, these nurses always look in bad moods. These nurses are unable to understand a patient’s feeling. This is quite an irritant situation for patients and they feel hard to get instant relief.

The cheering nurses:

Some nurses possess pleasant mood, they always look happy and cheer patients. The patients also feel happy when they are under treatment of that kind of nurses. In addition, the patients get cured quite instantly.

The nurses with imparting skill:

Some nurses are so kind; they discuss medicine science and believe that the patient also knows it. These nurses own a good level of imparting skills.

The nurses that treat a patient like a baby:

Those nurses possess a high level of sympathetic trait in their personalities who take care of a patient like about a baby. These nurses not only realize their professional requirements but also endorse the humane behavior.


At the end of treatise, it has been concluded that professional development could not influence personality traits. The code of conduct of caring sciences field such as nursing does not allow a nurse/doctor to take care of patients with bad moods. However, some do not take care of code of conduct. On the other hand, some nurses/doctors have immense power to give instant relief to their patients. I have realized that this difference is only because of the individual personality traits.


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