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Midwives are medical specialists whose clients are pregnant women and their main role is to look after pregnant women and the baby throughout the antenatal period, during labour, during birth and even after birth. Midwifery is different from other disciplines of medicines because the roles of a midwife are sensitive, bearing in mind the kind of clients they deal with. Midwifery unlike most disciplines of medicine is quite wide and midwives undertake multiple roles. A midwife is a, a nurse, a caregiver, a counsellor and a teacher all rolled into one.

Midwives take care of the pregnant women, they give them support and assistance during the entire period of pregnancy, labour, birth and after birth and also educate women on how to stay healthy and take car of themselves and the baby. They are give psychological support to the women by giving them advice and dealing with their emotions. Unlike other medical disciplines, midwifery is actually a process. A midwife deals with a client longer than any other medical practitioner because their roles start when women get pregnant and ends months after the woman give birth. This means that a midwife spends with each of their clients, a period of more than eight months and these months include different stages and different actions.

Therefore, midwifery is much more than a medical process. It is a care giving process, an educational process and a counselling process. This means that someone who wants to become a midwife should aware of all what a midwife is expected to do realise that midwifery is more of a calling than a vocation since it involves gong the extra mile to ensure that the process of pregnancy, labour, childbirth and ante natal care progress without hiccups that may endanger the lives of the baby and the mother.


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