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Epilepsy is disorder of the brain that occurs due the clusters of the nerve cells in the brain which results in the signaling abnormally. These nerve cells normally are used in the production of electrochemical impulses in that are used in the act of other gland and muscles and the end product is the generation of emotions and other sensations for behavior. In a case of n epileptic person, this is activity is normally affected resulting in strange or abnormal behavior, convulsions and in severe cases the loss of consciousness for periods. The causes vary from genetic factors which may be traced to a specific gene to other factors that can cause these and includes alcoholism, AIDS, and some diseases like brain tumor and meningitis. Treatment is by the use of anti epileptic drugs like bromides.

Epilepsy Genetics Change During Pregnancy

Epileptic cases in pregnant women are a tricky scenario because a lot of factors have to be put into place. These women may cope normally but with pregnancy because during pregnancy there are multiple physiological changes occur in the body. Some of these changes include the increase in volume of plasma in the body, increased clearance of the renal system, as albumen and protein binders do the opposite which is decline. Hence the control of seizure is of prime importance because the occurrence of the same increases the chances of fetal loss which may not be wanted.

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The best way to do this is the women who are affected are advised to take a lot multivitamins and plenty of rest during this period as this will minimize the frequency of these seizures while at the same time to avoid things like alcohol, tobacco, and any illegal drugs.  This is because the loss of the fetus is mainly caused by the seizures than the use of the anti epileptic drugs (AEDs) used today.  The AEDs used in the past sometimes resulted in malformations' in the infants like the facial dysmorphism while in the other cases it resulted in the deformation of the digits. But the more popular deformations that occur a lot of times include the cleft lip or palate, defects of the heart, urinary system and the genitals.

The occurrence of these malformation normally occur when the pregnant women uses the treatment of the epilepsy using a multi drug therapy system.  The effect of hormone sin this case is very importance as the women in pregnancy normally have an increase in hormones like estrogen which will normally lead to increased chances of seizures occurring. The other hormone that's increases in pregnancy includes progesterone. The lack of enough sleep will also can lead to the prevalence of seizures.

Modern AEDs like Phenobarbital and carbamezapine have their levels in the blood decreased by the event of a pregnancy and considering the fact they normally lower the occurrence of a seizure the lowering of its levels in the blood will result in the opposite. The other negative effect is the mother to be should never stop medication unless when a doctor has been consulted as the stopping can result in the change of levels in the body and if this occurs resulting in a seizure the period of unconsciousness may be prolonged and this can have dire effects on the pregnant woman and her developing fetus. Other effects that may occur in extreme cases include an easy labor and vaginal hemorrhage.


The epilepsy in pregnancy can be quite negative in women. The effects can result in sever conditions as mentioned which can result in loss of the fetus. This can be contributed to by the fact that the pregnancy increases chances of seizures due to the hormones that lower blood concentration of AEDs. Hence they need an extra hand in care to prevent the occurrence of seizures. To prevent these plenty of rest is required while avoiding any strenuous activity or substance.


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