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Free «Pharmacy Entry Question» Essay Sample

  1. Pharmacy students receive very good jobs in their field. As far as concerning the ratio, nowadays, 60% of pharmacy students are serving patients in hospitals and medical stores etc. Pharmacy students get jobs at hospitals and other medical clinics, at managed care pharmacy, in pharmaceutical industries. Pharmacy student can be a lecturer at a pharmacy college etc.
  2. A pharmacy student must be very loyal to his/her profession as many lives are dependant upon his/her profession. They must be well aware of the salts and medicines and should be familiar with the results of mixture of different medicines for better results. A pharmacy student must create awareness of the society of how to get rid of diseases; he/she can tell them about safety measures to prevent the diseases.
  3. When I moved to the United States I took a pharmacy technician diploma and then worked for five years at Arizona in the pharmacy environment. That motivated me to become a pharmacist.
  4. More than 80% of licensed pharmacists are actively practicing pharmacy in the pharmacy related fields. Altogether 45% of pharmacists are working at the hospitals, 33% are in the community pharmacy. Pharmacist is known to be the best candidate to meet the unmet need of the patients.
  5. From the very beginning I had not even a thought to become a pharmacist, but I got an inspiration after death of my sister. She died of the breast cancer, and at that time I couldn’t do anything to save her. I want to work in the medical field to assure people that they are not going to lose their loved ones. Moreover, I have spent my time with my grandmother who was ill, so I was assigned to give her medicines; hence I got impressed by this profession.
  6. I have scientific abilities to be a pharmacist. As I know the medical and laboratory work good enough that will help me in the pharmacy very much. As I have worked for five years as a pharmacy technician at Arizona, I know that I can do well at pharmacy. I have basic computer skills which are necessary for such job.
  7. I lost my sister due to breast cancer. As I was unaware of the medicines and symptoms of that disease, I couldn’t get to know about what is happening to her. We came to know about her disease when it was at its final stages and there was no cure at that time. I felt very helpless because I could not do a single action to save her. That is why I decided to become a pharmacist so that I may help others regarding this. Moreover, when I had my grandmother sick, I was looking after her; although I did not know a single thing of pharmacy. I was looking at the formula of medicines and their usage, and gained an inspiration to work with medicines.
  8. I worked in the pharmacy for a long time, as I worked as a pharmacy technician for five years. I got familiar with different fields; for instance, I have experience in the work with different kinds of medicines and their compounding, etc.
  9. I went to a high school to get my pharmacy technician diploma. I got certified while I was doing the prerequisites for the pharmacy school which shows that I planed everything as soon as I have decided to get in pharmacy school. I did not waste time. I also worked hard and studied pharmacy. And also I did my and was getting good grades.
  10. The reason is the death of my sister. Her death was like an earthquake in my life. My childhood dream was to become a pharmacist, serve people and do my best for them not to lose their young ones.
  11. I would apply to the UK COP as I have the capability to face different kinds of challenges daily; I accept the responsibility of my work and try to do it as best I could. I can work in a team which is the main thing of being in the COP.
  12. I am not basically from the United States. Five years ago I have migrated here. At that time I did not know the basics of English language. It was quite difficult for me to work in the United States. Then I joined PVCC to learn English. At the beginning I was getting low grades, which affected my GPA; but in two years my English has improved greatly and I had all “A”. It was really hard to study in the foreign language but I did my best and succeeded.


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