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Prolonging of life, according to McDermid and Bagshaw (2009), involves provision of intensive care services in order to avoid premature deaths of patients and more suffering. The use of technological facilities by medical personnel has greatly helped in enhancement and prolonging of patients’ lives which could otherwise become extinct. Prolonging life for patients in health facilities does not just therefore involve technological tools and facilities alone but rather, a combined effort of adequate capital and human resources to make it a success. Various case studies have indicated that indeed, patient outcomes have been known to be improved through provision of early support for patients in an intensive care environment. The authors of the article “Prolonging life and delaying death…” assert that the provision of critical care meant for prolonging live among individuals is currently an emerging crisis that has become a conflict between the expectations o individuals and the economic burden shouldered by the society and that the government is ready to provide (

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Despite the fact that the authors of the above article makes both explicit and implicit statements, they argue that the provision of such critical care therapy should be in a timely manner for those in need of it and that such provision has been dependant on the availability of human resources and capital. The authors therefore seek to generate dialogue regarding the dynamic between clinicians on the use of critical care support, increasing demands of critical care capacity and what the society expects. This aim therefore clearly accounts for the reason why the authors advocate for the use of critical care support. The society and the medical community both advocate for the use of critical care support to prolong life because any timely and appropriate initiation of intensive technological and monitoring support in patients in the ICU will result in enhanced clinical outcomes. It also provides clinicians with an opportunity of prolonging the lives of patients, something that was difficult to achieve in recent past.

In order to prolong life in medical facilities, the vigorous awareness should be created among the general public by the medical practitioners regarding the issue of life support in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The government and all the concerned stakeholders should therefore work as a team to ensure lives of patients are prolonged through the provision of adequate capital and medical personnel.

However, the authors provide rebuttal statements when they claim that despite the fact that the use of modern medical technology and in particular the use of advanced life support is an effective tool towards treating illnesses that are critical, the same has been distorted in the public media making any recovery from any critical ailment to be unrealistically high in societal expectations. Physicians, on the other hand, are also placed in a conflict of interest through pressures in using the available resources prudently and promotion of health care that can be equitably be accesses by all and sundry.

Conditions of rebuttal by the authors are fairly represented when they call for the provision of the needed supplies, equipment, and personnel to cater for the increased demand for provision of enhanced life support by the medical fraternity. Provision of adequate resources and human labour will ensure that physicians do not compromise the use of critical care support in patients but will rather provide such services as when they are needed and thus greatly prolong the lives of patients who could other wise succumbed to death in the lack of such services. The authors further offer a convincing rebuttal when they assert that indeed, deaths resulting from lack of critical care support in patients who are critically ill could be reduced if all the resources were available and enough to provide for all(


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