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Latin music has a rich collection of songs performed by various artists, and it has survived for centuries. Latin music is loaded cultural history and instrumental variety. This kind of music is a special type of music because of the fact that it originated from various cultures throughout history. One of the most popular Latin songs is "Quererte a ti" which was performed by Angela Carrasco. This song is one of greatest violin songs.

The instrument used in the song is a violin. There is a steady beat in the song because of instrument used. It also has a metrical rhythm. There are soprano voices that smoothly combine to form a melodious song. The song has two players performing to create harmony in the song. The song is quite characteristic because of it achieve its tempo with the violin. There is a mid-tempo in the song of which the absence of it the song would drag too much (Oland, 69). There is a repeated chorus in the song that serves to create the rhythm. With the use of the violin, the song achieves a rich texture in its performance.

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In the song, I can hear a wistful singing about love and longing. It has an ice crystal rhythm, an unhurried tempo, and minor key tunes.  All these characteristics are familiar with we heard in the lectures.

In my own view, the song is a soothing love song that has been able to survive all the decades, and it is the most widely listened song of all time. The song is more uplifting because of its mid-tempo. Like all other Latin songs, this song has a smooth way of telling a story that is widely accepted even by people who could not understand the language.  The song feels like it has a forward movement with a positive message in it.

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