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Free «Male and Female Songwriters» Essay Sample

The question as to why today's female songwriters use language in a distinctly different way from the majority of male songwriters has been a hot topic in the recent past. The reason behind this scenario is not hard to point out given the cultural differences that define the messages the two sexes portend to present to their listeners. The core differences that exist between the male and female sexes are the core reasons behind the differences depicted in song lyrics and song messages.

In concerted attempts to analyze the differences between the languages used by female songwriters and those of their male counterparts, a number of reasons have been presented. The first is the type of message intended to be relayed to the listeners. Whereas male songwriters have been noted as having strong preference to languages that are political in nature, women on the other hand prefer to dwell on the social aspects of life and the society. This fact is supported by Perkins (16) in stating that political rap songs pioneered by Isaac Hayes and Barry White can be found in the likes of Malcolm X speeches.



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It can be discerned that gangster rap, political rap and underground rap are the three main rapping styles that have shaped the rap and hip-hop history of American music and have been most advanced by male songwriters. The core message has been encompassed by ideologies and propaganda about rebellion (Troop, 43). In fact, Gagster and political rap spread hip-hop ideologies and propaganda about rebellion. Gangster rap comprises of poetry that constructs identity of the ghetto as independent persons instead of being viewed as inferior and wasted individuals.

Gangster rap is also called hardcore rap and is associated with Dr. Dre's in the song "The Watcher" and Eminem's song "Who Knew"; the two artists oppose the culture of violence as perpetuated by the media and the government that allows free sale of guns (Hip Hop Area, 2008). Political rap aims at informing the society and the government about social ills and issues. Jay-Z and his political theme song, "Justify My Thug" is a political rap that cautions the government against her political policy on drugs and ghetto life. Talib Kweli, in the song "Manifesto," insists that the drug game is a big set up by the federal government and the policy of capitalism (Hip Hop Area, 1).

Female songwriters on the other hand have delved on social issues that affect the society desire for a better life, love life, careers in life and money. There are varieties or sub genres of blue songs that are meaningful and important in pointing out something unique and important about the American experience music that include "Trouble So Hard" by Vera Hall. One notable American songwriter that has delved on social status of women and the history of the America in the 20th century is Carole King. Most of her lyrics explore on her life experiences that stand as a mirror to the social lives of other women in Brooklyn society.

In addition to the above, most of these songs written by renown female songwriters such as Abbey Lincoln and Cassandra Wilson concern a common subject in that they explore and demonstrate the history of Americans in the 20th century. The songs are therefore vital to the Americans due to the facts that they lean more about the experiences and struggles of the working-class Southerners. These include struggle of the women during the periods of slavery and the cotton economy in the South, the development of Jim Crow, the Great Migration, and the Civil Rights Movement (Amazing, 1).

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In addition to the above, these song's anxiety and endurance evident in the lyrics can vividly be related to the brutal and unethical oppression of slavery, during which various instruments were demolished and banned and solace found in Christianity hereafter.

In addition to the above, these songs presented the levels of anxiety and endurance on the part of women evident in the lyrics can vividly be related to the brutal and unethical oppression of slavery, during which various instruments were demolished and banned and solace found in Christianity hereafter. At the same time, the music on its own was considered as a form of protest against brutal conditions and the struggle by women to have a greater say on the affairs of the society. Last, the theme of an end to gender segregation is a strong message ingrained in the song lyrics.

In conclusion, one fact that remains pivotal is that all types of music are characterized by the expression of emotion. Music serves as a great pointer to the culture of American people. In this respect, these songs have effectively presented the culture and lifestyle of the American population. It is a fact that there is great information on the history of the American people that can be retrieved from the analysis of these songs. While it remains a fact that the themes of these song languages written by male and female songwriters at times seem to appear common, there is a wide abidance in the fact there is a thin line that separates the two. Most of songs written by women are intertwined with deep emotion that has the ability to elicit reconciliation, love and create a feeling of hope where none exists. The influence of music has therefore been far and wide and still continues to have profound effect on Americans feelings and the rest of the world.


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