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All people are different and everyone has his own favorite books, films and of course music. Nowadays music industry confers us with a wide range of singers and groups whose songs may satisfy all music lovers.

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Sometimes we think that our musical taste depends only on ourselves, on our temper, also we should not diminish the role of our mood in the process of choosing a song to listen. Even our physical state influences our choice.

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Very few of us understand that all that we love is implemented in our brains intentionally. Show-business is full of psychologists, who decide how to present this or that singer to make him or her popular. Everyone who works for celebrities should know the foundations of NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming), how to transmit the information to our heads and how to make us pay more money; they should manipulate us and our tastes.

The fundamental laws of modern show-business are based on human weaknesses. Sexuality, scandalous behavior, alcoholism – these are the main reasons of popularity of pop-singers. It is impossible to change this situation in the world but we may change our own attitude to music.

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When a new project appears on the stage, professionals decide whether they attract attention or not. If yes, a great job begins. All mass-media write and talk about the new stars. They come to parties, fashion shows and film presentations. Their clips get rotation on the most famous musical channels. That is how the machine works. So these are the factors which make us like certain songs.

If we want to know what music we really love, we should stop listening to radio and watching TV, just songs on our players without a picture. Let us prove the theory that the music we love depends on ourselves, but not on the money. Let us make our strong sides prime over our weak ones.

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