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The connection between music and the society has been seen since the ancient times. One of the universal human actions is music though in the ancient times recording of music did not happen therefore it was not possible to pass their music to the succeeding generation. As a result there is no prehistoric music which is recorded though there is evidence that indicates the existence of music. Music has influenced the society from the ancient days and this is a fact that is clear in modern history. For instance Jefferson wrote independence declaration with the help of music. Music helped Jefferson to remember the words which he had forgotten about the declaration. Music has helped many people who later had great influence in the entire world. For instance Albert Einstein was greatly transformed from a poor student to a smart person through music. Music is a very powerful tool and its impacts on the psychology of people are enormous. Depending on the kind of music which one chooses they can be influenced negatively or positively (Baldassarro 7).

The response of the body to music

It's normal for people to respond to music and the most interesting thing is that it does not exclude anyone on the basis of age. Humans have been influenced both negatively and positively by music and the effects are long living. Besides that music has the ability to link all the human aspects for instance physical, spiritual and even emotional aspects of an individual. The mood of an individual can be instantly changed through music because of its ability to initiate physical responses. Emotions can be strengthened or weakened depending on music for instance songs which are suitable for funeral events weakens a person emotions and even makes them to burst into tears. The perception and response to music is not the same in all people.

The experience of music is dependant on the performer in relation to his musicianship, the performance of the musical piece as well as the listener. For instance the way an accomplished musician experiences music maybe very different from a musical learner. This clearly explains the contradiction of the same musical piece among the different listeners. The individual response to music solely depends on the two existing rhythms which are interrelated and inseparable. People respond to music rhythm physically and by listening to the specific rhythm. Physical movements are made in relation to the musical rhythm. Different music affects its audience in a unique way for instance relaxation of the pulse and the heart beat occurs when one listens to classical music. Concentration of the mind precedes the relaxation of the heart and all these are the influence of music on people. For instance baroque music has the ability to enhance improved learning and reduced blood pressure because of the increased concentration (Rio 7).

The influence of music on memory and learning

On addition to that music has the ability to influence brain waves frequency; and these changes can be determined by employing an electro-encephalogram. Breathing rate is influenced by music besides skin electrical resistance. Pupils dilate in response to music. The memory of a person is powerfully affected by music. For instance baroque music being played in a pattern of sixty beats per minute has the capability of activating the brain in both sides. This activation of the right and left brain increases the capacity of a person to learn and also retain the learned information. The left brain is activated by the information being acquired whereas the right brain is activated by the music. The capacity of the brain to effectively process information is maximized when an individual is involved in an activity which results in activation of the left and right side of the brain at the same time. For example playing an instrument and singing at the same time causes this effect.

The recent discoveries that were made through research indicate that learning potential can be maximized by listening to music which has sixty beats in a minute. For instance the ancient Greeks loved their drams because they understood its effects on their learning capabilities. For instance a research that was conducted some time back indicated that foreign language can be effectively learned and grasped within a short time using classical baroque music of sixty beats in a minute. Recall accuracy rate on the students who were used under the study was about 100%. In 1982 a research was carried out by the North Texas University in order to see the effect of music on the ability of students to memorize vocabularies (Sousa 191).

The students under research were groped in three different categories which later received three tests. The three groups were read identical words with and without background music. The results which were obtained indicated high scores among students who were read the words in presence of background music. There is no automatic guarantee of improved learning by using music but there are great possibilities of improved learning by the use of the same. It's important to note that the background music is not among the learning process though it is memorized along with the information being absorbed. The tempo of the music is the essential element in improved learning. Students may improve their performance by listening to some form of music prior to the test. Such types of music have the ability to allow neurons to move to the brain an action that yields relaxation. For instance Mozart sonata is very effective and this was proved by determining the Intelligent Quotient in three categories of college students.

These three groups of students were allowed to listen to different forms of music before taking the IQ test. The music types which were used included Mozart sonata, relaxation music and the final group listened to any type of music. The results which were obtained revealed the highest IQ among the students who listened to Mozart's Sonata. The power of music has been determined by researchers through numerous experiments. In the late 19th century the research which was conducted indicated that slow music lowered heart beat rate, breathing rate as well as blood pressure. On the other hand faster music was found to cause an increase in the rates of three mentioned elements. Orderly music is more beneficial to its audience than disorderly music (Jensen 123).

The impacts of the forms of music organization

These are the reasons why the organization of classical music as well as baroque music yields much fruits than any other forms of music. The organizations of music include changes and repetition of whatever piece. One special element in the music which has been found to be very beneficial is the math.  This is the essential element which is realized by the mind and the brains of an individual. Orderly music gives the brain the chance to determine if the music is same or different. It's important for the theme in the music to be repeated but not more than once because such an occurrence leads to the switching off of the mind. Loss of control in people may also occur as a result of excessive repetition. Besides that a certain psychiatrist and physician found a correlation between strengthened and weakened muscle under the influence of music.

During his research he discovered that the muscles in all sections of the body are weakened when subjected to stop anapestic beads which are a composition of hard rock. Anapestic beat makes the brain to switch off as a result of the destruction of cerebral hemispheres. Rock music causes a decrease in personal performance, problems in children behavior as well as general depression in adults. The irregular beats in rock music are harmful because of its shrill frequencies which are damaging to the general body. In 1970's teenagers used to carry raw eggs to the concerts which were being organized by the rock artists, these eggs would be placed at the front stage and at the end of the concerts they were already coked and ready for consumption. Therefore piercing high pitched rock music has the capabilities of coagulating proteins which are present in a fluid medium. Besides musical effects on humans it's also able to influence different living organisms like animals.

The impacts of music on people's lifestyles

Everyone is affected by music and it has the power to bring people together. The lifestyles of individuals are greatly influenced by music. People act and look differently on basis of music. Progressive and independent music has the ability to take its audience to the extreme. Music influences the dressing habits of people besides their overall behavior and actions. Fascinating music has great influence on people. To some people music is a major part of their lives while to others it doesn't have much standing. Most people who are impacted much by music are the young people especially the college students. It's important to realize that the intentions of people for listening to certain kinds of music greatly vary. Most negative behavior in people results from disharmonic music. Therefore it's important to keenly choose the type of music you listen to (parncutt and McPherson 80).

The inner thoughts of an individual are critically influenced by music. There are many aspects which are presented through music for instance terror, misery or gaiety. An individual's unconscious mind is greatly influenced or imparted by music. Person's emotions are played upon by music though it's simply a non intellectual form of communication. It's not very important for the listener to concentrate on finding the meaning of the music because the feeling which results from music covers these other issues. For instance film music makes the listener to concentrate less on the meaning of the lyrics because of the overwhelming feeling. Certain kinds of music trigger people to behave in a weird manner. There is much power in music which influences behavior in young people as well as the elderly.  Some form of music which is very beneficial to people is motivational music. This music has the capacity to transform and renew the minds of its audience.

There is much renewal of the spirit that comes as a result of listening to motivational music. The lyrics of the music greatly affect its audience for instance songs of lost love brings much sadness and sorrows. Music has the ability to revive old memories and such memories are not always good therefore someone's spirit may be lowered by listening to certain forms of music. Besides that unpleasant emotions maybe erased by listening to some forms of classical music or love songs. People can help themselves by listening to inspirational music because it's a self help tool. There are also many younger people who have gotten into depression which led them to suicide because of listening to some form of music for a very long time. Therefore it's important to stop listening to music with negative lyrics which cause much stress and depression. Basing on these facts people are greatly influenced and affected by music which they listen or sing (Harris 137).  


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