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Music is a form of entertainment for many. Artists try to pass on a specific message through their music. At times, the message passed may be against the morals of the society. However, people over the years have assumed that to be the style of these artists. There are different genres of music depending on one's interests. Many songs have adapted sex as the main message that is being passed by their songs. The main reason, however, is the fact that this is a controversial topic that catches people's attention. As a result, they achieve their main goal which is to earn money by selling their produced music.

History of sex in American music

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Music dates back to the 18th century. This was when popular music was on the rise. For instance, there was rock and roll, jazz and soul music among others. From these years, there was usage of sex in the artist's songs. However, the main argument was that sex had given rise to Black American culture. Through sex, the blacks and the whites had come together to develop a culture. This had therefore reduced the wars between the two races and they were now living in peace with each other. Through music, harmony had been regained and the situation on the ground captured.

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There has been continuous misconception of usage of sex. In the society, sex is considered to be sacred and only meant for adults. This was especially the case in the olden days. It was a taboo to talk about sex openly. As a result, controversy would rise every time a musician used sex as the theme of their songs. This was because it was impossible for the young people to be secluded from listening to the music. Music which, according to the elders, corrupted the young people's minds.

However, this did not mean that sex was abolished in music. Over the years, the usage of sex in music has continued to expand. This even became worse with the introduction of music videos. The message would now be passed on while people acted in a way to demonstrate whatever that they were talking about. Music continued to develop with the introduction of different genres of music. As a result, the usage of sex elated messages in this form of art continued to expand.

Sex in American Music currently

Over the years, upcoming musicians have upheld the usage of sex in their music. This has even been overly used with the upcoming genres of music such as rap. Their notion is that their music is in disguise and only those who are keen will get the message. However, they fail to realize that today's generation is very curious and will go to whichever depth so as to get the lyrics of each and every song. As a result, the minds of the young people are continuously being corrupt and this is realized in their adapted ways of life.

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Researchers and activists all over the world are continuously carrying out studies to establish the depth of the usage of sex in music. Others have even taken the initiative to challenge the usage of sex in music. This is on the basis that this is depreciating the value of societal morals all over the world. As a result, it is misleading the younger generations. (Tomecek, 2010)

The scope of music in earlier age, was strong and evolved to a powerful impact in world especially rock music. Music led to change of lifestyle and later ended up to sex and other issues like drugs. Music artist created fame thus attracted the attention of people who listened a lot to there music especially girls. Sexual favors were offered to the girls who spent time with and to the funs of the music.

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In recent years, the connection of sex and music seems to be out of hand. Due to this already established relationship, there seems to be an increase in the cases of violence and rape; thanks to the continuous use of sex in music. The rising cases era demolishing to the importance of morality. The violence cases and rape cases are an abuse to sexuality and humanity. Unless action is taken, it seems that there will be no humanity left in the world in the coming years.

Studies have shown that the rising use of sex in music has led to commercialization of the same. This is mainly because young girls are offering themselves for 'sale' to music stars and are subsequently used in the production of music videos. The most disturbing discovery from the study is the fact that mothers and fathers are even offering their young girls for 'sale' to music stars. This is definitely a complete demolition of the importance of social values.

Other studies have shown that the inclusion of sex related lyrics in music has had negative effects on teenagers. Considering the fact that sex is meant for married couples, the lyrics in the music being made nowadays is provoking otherwise. As a result the studies have shown that the impacts of these lyrics are indulging in sexual activities among the teenagers. This in return has led to an increase in the numbers of unwanted pregnancies. Another major effect is the increased spread of sexually transmitted diseases among the teenagers. These effects in return are wiping out tomorrow's generation. (Walton, 1980)

Unlike in the past when the youth were deemed to be more respectful of their elders, this music has led to disrespect. They now play the music in front of their irrespective of the contents and vulgar in it. Unless moral lessons are enhanced, the future generations will have absolutely no morals. Many teenagers have resulted to drug abuse as a result of the effects of these kinds of music. Due to the notion that celebrities are the ones who are the heroes of trends around the world, teenagers end up copying them and as a result, they adapt all the negative attitudes that they see all over media.

Music has brought about the aspects in the American social and cultural identity through language, gender, sexuality and many more. However, there needs to be a line that both the artists and the listeners cannot cross. This is for as long as they intend to uphold societal morals and values.

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Solutions to sex in American music

Music is a form of entertainment that has been around for many decades. As such, it is arguably impossible for it to be done away with just because the messages being passed are not approved by the society. However, this does not mean that it is alright that musicians continue writing music about the topics that raise eyebrows. There needs to be an awareness program to educate the artists and song writers all over the world on the importance of societal responsibility ion the course of their work. They need too be informed on the impact that they create to their fan all over the world.

The initiatives that have already been taken by the activists and researchers on the impact of the contents of songs are an initial step. It is a good step towards coming up with a solution to this problem. Parents need to join hands with the rest of the world in the process of solving this problem. Those from poor backgrounds need to realize the importance of educating their children instead of offering them for 'sale' to stars so as to appear in music videos. In the war against corruption of societal values, the whole society must join in as each of them has a role to play.

Future of sex in American Music

If the proposed initiatives are supported fully, there is going to be reduction in the sex talk in American music. This is because the proposals will enhance corporation among all the involved parties. Unless this is done without any further delays, the future generations will have no societal values and morals. (Levitin, 2007)

The artists need to understand the meaning of sexuality and the need for sensitivity when dealing with the issue. This is because from the studies carried out, it has already been established that they are contributing negatively towards the growth of young people. Findings have indicated that once teenagers start engaging themselves in sexual activities at an early age, there is a resultant negative effect on their education. Therefore, the musicians who highly contribute to these effects need to be well informed so as to prevent any more damages in the future. The artists need to be warned that they are role models and should, therefore, avoid any misleading gestures.

For modesty and social status sakes, something needs to be done to reduce the chances of an immoral society in the near future. The concerned parties need to be well informed and warned because, currently, the use of sex in music has been expanding at a high rate. (Kamien, 2008)

Generally, it is clear that use of sexual messages in American music is nothing new in today's society. It has been around for quite sometime and it is our responsibility to ensure that its negative effects do not sabotage the importance of culture in the society. Music is a form of entertainment but as we enjoy it, we should not forget the importance of morality. This is especially important for the sake of the young generations in whom we need to instill these values so that they can pas them onto other future generations. It is the responsibility of everyone in the society and in the music industry. This implies all including those who are song writers, music producers and the singers themselves.

It is important for artist to also, realize that being superstars comes down to being responsible and answerable for one's actions. They also need to realize that so many youngsters look up to them and they have the responsibility to ensure that they are good role models in whatever that they undertake to do. Parents, also, have a responsibility to ensure that they teach young people the importance of picking only that which is beneficial to them. They also need to control the material that these youngsters are exposed to. It is also the solemn responsibility to teach morals to their children right from when they are toddlers. This will ensure that they are able to make the right choices in life. Sex in American music will continue to mislead young people unless we all rise up in the war against immorality. (Rich, Copland & Schuman, 2002)

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