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Live jazz: Taj Mahal and Vieux Farka Toure at Royce Hall

It was on 31 October 2010 Taj Mahal and Vieux Farka Toure performed at 9.00 p.m on UCLA live show at Royce hall in Los Angeles. The concert attracted a crowd of passionate spectators who witnessed the performance as Taj entertained them.  The audience witnessed combinations of different musical styles from Mississippi Delta to Mali. Taj Mahal was a charming character who had recorded materials in several styles and performed with many instrument such as drums and kora. The show was amusing and everything was ordinary that night as Taj exposed jazz preparations.

Taj Mahal struck the stage immediately smartly dressed to kill for the concert he resembled mixed foreign birds he intended to use drums and bazz in order to make the show fabulous. He instantly plugged in one if his electrical guitars and he entertained the audience with TV Mama which was accompanied by dreadful crisp guitar solo. Though Taj entertained without slide guitar his riff sounded like three songs in position.

He displayed elegant curves strapping on the latest guitar which delivered a message faintly to all audience. However, in the concert Taj participated from the beginning to the end though he used guitar, keyboard and banjo and he was careful not to tamper with singing, strumming, soloing and also whistling he harmonized fascinating exchange of idea in every song even if impassive voices were rare to come across.

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The audience cheered loudly as Taj was joined by Mali guitar player named Vieux Farka Toure he amused the audience as he performed on stage  in the performance he used Korean guitar  though  his performance differed in roots and culture. The concert was approximated to last three hours though it had excited audience it ended up at 12.00 midnight they wished it could last the whole night.

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Live Jazz: The Gordon Goodwin Big Phat Band at Vitello's

The bandleader Gordon Goodwin performed a jazz concert Monday 29 October 2010 at 8.00p.m in the evening at Vietellos in Los Angeles. The audience flocked a room in upstairs where the concert took place although his band seemed big it lacked strings and French horns. The band was presumed to be phat band because it combined white and blue banner I felt it was pol pot on trumpet or even Phat Navaro

Willie Murillo started playing growl trumpet solos though Goodwin's plan was to make Gershwin melancholy heart happy. The band flowed smoothly like George's elderly man river all night it swung daringly and also perfectly. The audience was enthusiastic with the band so they cheered loudly since they could not contain their excitement. The band had mixed Simpsons band and also Miles Evans band by way it was drummed in the concert.

The grand Wayne Bergeron had chops which had slightly lost unlike Murillo who ceded proclamation fame and afterwards he vested Bob Summers who invented a balanced and properly organized chorus that belonged to the duo classical ballad. A youthful and fascinating gent named Andrew   Synowiec entertained spectators with simplicity and drive using electrical guitar.

Shaw   worked together with Panormo-style bass which had been described as huge wide- shouldered Italian original instrument which portrayed an expansion of letter C that lowered the E string to a C.

Many superior soloists who were popular such as Andy Martin played trombone. The specialists like Brian Scalon, Jeff Driskill and also Sal Lozano played saxophones   but the courageous Jay Masen played a different instrument named baritone saxophone as they performed in that night jazz concert .Apart from shocking red uniform  worn  by the  band members they were described as bright and muscularly vague. The concert ended within two hours and the audience left the venue amused and they left behind band members.

Live Jazz: Henry Grimes At Eagles Rock Cultural Centre.

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Henry Grimes returned back in Los Angeles and performed in the concert on 11 September 2010 on Saturday twilight at 10.00 p.m .The venue of the gig took place in Eagles Rock Cultural Center which was situated North of Los Angeles. The concert was mostly  attended by  a few and enthusiastic  intelligent spectators .The concert band was played  with presence of only two hundred audience though the group had stretched out to be a nonet  in this  unique concert  violist named Miguel Atwood-Ferguson had attended the concert.

The jazz band commenced immediately at 10.00 p.m Henry Grimes was lost in tree-lizard dashes as he was played from all ends of the instrument while other seven musicians were perfectly harmonizing his affectionate limits while they encircled him as several of his collection were left out that night. Even though this was only  chance they had for them to play together, the band had  incorporated Henry setting and also patterns, providing a huge sound and dancing over the instrument, and Alex and Nels Cline provided shape and structure and every creativeness was incredible.

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Nick Rosen was an instrumentalist in Grimes open renascence and also Rosen's colleague at school Joey Dosik was an alto sax. They were all playing, watching and listening to Alex Cline who was drummer. They lifted up their stakes higher as Vinny Golia added his eternally graceful improvisation both on tenor and soprano .Ladies and gentlemen warmly welcomed again by third bassist named Roberto Miguel Miranda in the concert though he was known to be frantically secular low-ender in conception he was motivated by Henry wilderness path and many others over the last 40 years and he performed excellently and this night jazz performance was rated the best concert. The concert had entertained the audience though it was exciting it ended up at dawn

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This concert took place on November 17th 2010 just after the Cape May Jazz Festival has completed 17 full seasons of its semi-annual jazz weekends. Scores of people who attended were touched and excited by their excellent performance and as a result, their subsequent presentation was at all times fully packed. Though the band was becoming famous, the saddening resignation of festival co-founders Carol Stone and Woody Woodland after being at logger heads for some time with the board of directors was just about to bring a tragedy.

The most entertaining part of this festival came to climax with outstanding  performances from the Yellow jackets and trumpeter Terell Stafford's band who made  highlights on Friday, Tenor saxophonist Javon Jackson's quartet with soul jazz master Les McCann, as well as drummer Ralph Peterson's band mesmerized fans on Saturday. The Saturday jam session was packed with large audience, a sure indication of a good turn out. And it was great to see old friend Winston Byrd, a Delaware native whose trumpet artistry seemed ever-present at the festival before he changed his residence to Los Angeles. The solitary significant problem was the challenging acoustics and some keyboard sound problems for the Jackson-McCann show at Star of the Sea Auditorium. There was no such problem on Friday because the Yellow jackets bring along their own sound wizard. A high-quality engineer who works regularly with the audio needs one band has an edge. He or she knows or rather has an idea of how to turn lemons into lemonade when confronted   and for instance in this case - a tired old grammar school gymnasium.

At the start of the sea Auditorium a small hitch occurred which involved acoustics and some keyboard sound problems for the Jackson-McCann show as Star whose show was always fantastic. Winston Byrd, a Delaware resident, whose trumpet artistry seemed ever-present at the festival for numerous years before the Sea Auditorium. The yellow jackets bringing along their own wizards there didn't bring much problem on Friday.

Jazz in God's living room, Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jazz music has been considered by many people as ''the devil music'' for the last ten years. 1ronically Jazz music has gone even further to the extent of performing in churches, an unexpected venue for the performances of this kind of concerts for one reason or the other.

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It wasn't a surprise when saxophonist Harry Allen's quartet performed in a small church in Warwick RI as they celebrated their 175th anniversary. Allen performed in a style with the superb support from New York rhythm section with Rossano Sportiello playing the  piano, Joel Forbes on bass and Chuck Riggs on drums with happiness all over their  faces. The concert was just so entertaining as everyone was overjoyed with the people in the first pews struggling to touch the musicians. Allen is a very creative musician who shapes music into something fresh and memorable.

Allen carefully selected his band players who finally developed their talents at an alarming rate becoming the best saxophonists more than the musicians we always hear a lot about them like of Ben Webster and a tinge of Stan Getz on Brazilian bossa nova balladry.

Pertaining the reading by Allen's of Jobim's "How Insensitive," a scorching romp on Duke Ellington's "Cottontail" and the ballad "Misty," not forgetting the Sportiello's Stride piano segments on "The Lady's In Love with You" and, afterwards, his perfect and highly entertaining display case on "Honeysuckle Rose. ".The concert is a reminder of the late Jones, the mentor of Riggs who tried his level best to mold him into what he is today. The creativity of Allen  made him to reproduce Thomas A. Dorsey's 1930s composition "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" as "Precious Lord Thou Art So Hip," with the message to the  spectators that they could sing along to No. 678 in their hymnals if they so wished..

For budget issues, the festival organizers had to decide not to shuttle fans to the Cape May Regional High School's state-of-the-art, the auditorium a few miles away. It had been the headline site for many years and became a critical venue after the beachfront Cape May Convention Hall was condemned for last two years.

This year, many of the consolidated proceedings were within walking distance of the beachfront strip of bars, hotels and dozens of B&BS. And so will be the new Convention Hall, which is expected to open sometime in 2012, in time for at least one of that year's festivals. It was perfectly in order that the 34th CMJF program book incorporated a photo of the founders.  There was no other visibility given to Carol Woody, nor were they ever acknowledged publicly for 16.5 years for making it better than it was.

Live Jazz: Cheryl Bentyne at Vitello's

The third most exciting event occurred in October 31st which was a live jazz by Cheryl Bentyne at Vitello's on Thursday night. None of all the people in attendance could have words to describe how superb and mesmerizing the performance was. Though a single soloist, and with many people having less quest for  her music knowing   Bentyne's  long tenure with Manhattan transfer she nearly retrogressed. Trying all she can do get back to line of success Bentyne used all the sophisticated theatrical ability she had developed in her life with the transfer as the basis to build on the best she had already achieved. Being in the spotlight and coming up as a preferred artist by scores of people Bentyne, after total reformation released a brand new album, The Gershwin Songbook

There was plenty of Gershwin on the agenda. An opening mixture of "Fascinating Rhythm" and "I Got Rhythm" that tossed the melody in wild meanderings through the - of course - rhythm.  "S'Wonderful" was performed in an irresistible groove, with bassist Reggie Hamilton and drummer Dave Tull giving the supercharged engine power.  Some delightful interplay with guest singer Mark Winkler on "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off."  The core version of "How Long Has This Been Going On?" was performed with the sole help of Bentyne's husband, Corey Allen, playing rollicking ragtime piano.

To top it up, there was a beautiful, inconspicuous but emotionally layered reading of Cole Porter's "Every Time We Say Goodbye" improved by Doug Webb's similar to tenor saxophone solo. Possibly the most excellent performance by Bentyne'' Something cool'' was the most emotional live entertainment by Billy Barnes in 1954.           

Live Jazz: Jack Sheldon's Birthday Bash at Catalina Bar & Grill

Jack Sheldon performed live jazz on his own birthday party on 7 November 2010 on Saturday   night at Catalina Bar and Grill at 9.00p.m in Los Angeles. He was dressed on his best outfit later he was joined by 16 piece band known as Yo Mama who riffled after him lively. The bash was attended by a lot people who were joyful and full of life as Jack enjoyed his initial moments since he had celebrated his 79th birthday. The audience demanded a lot from him that night since he bandleader and also host of the bash. They were entertained that night Ray Brinker who was a family member but a beginner drummer in the jazz concert. The drums harmonized rattles and rolls but matched a class of singers; though he was completely different from other band members regardless he performed as tutti or soli.

Many audiences wished they had heard from him after Ron Stout had received a marvelous adept trumpet solos .In addition Brinker acted as his role model while  Stan Martin presented Jack a romantic bouquet which he had received from Beauty and Beast set apparently he was wished-for several silver haired presents from his  grandparent. Jack Sheldon performed with his hoarse vocals although no tunes rocked up to date could be compared to band that seniors had performed in that concert. Sheldon deviously concentrated on Whitman as he played his trombonists Juan Tizol typical. The band was declared to be common voice though it was loud it purposed immediately to excite great elderly charmers. All people who attended the concert assisted bassist Bruce letts and also pianist Joe Bagg.  The bash ended at midnight after several   listeners had presented birthday present to performer of jazz Jack Sheldon and they all departed from the Catalina Bar.

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