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Classical music is one of the oldest types of music on the planet. Its roots turn to the music of early Christianity. We must also pay tribute to the Ancient Greeks. They have created musical instruments, e.g. such as the lyre or the flute, which became the progenitors of modern classical musical instruments.

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Recently, in the heart of Seattle a prominent concert of western classical music was held. All the participants were sitting on the stage and wearing exclusive black and white suits in an evening classical style. They were mostly older people. The conductor named Zuckerman also had a part as a violin player in a primary position. It was very exciting to watch how he combined his role of a conductor and his party on the violin simultaneously. He announced one piece after the other. Among them we could enjoy the 39th Symphony of Mozart. It became my favorite one. The beginning of this piece has been exciting and overwhelming. The middle part sounded calm, especially due to the violins, which could perfectly express the mood of the author. The end was dramatic and moving. Proceeding listening to the concert it seemed that the conductor was playing so masterly that the orchestra acted as a background in comparison to him. But its role was also performed excellent. The orchestra played one masterpiece followed by new ones, which were filled with their talent and heart making every individual experience unforgettable emotions. The first piece was like a song of love. It sounded romantic, and it seemed that someone was likely about to propose. Again and again solo violin dominated in the play. The second piece was very different from the first one. It sounded quick and rhythmical. Closing your eyes, it was possible to imagine the children playing in the park. It was fast, joyfully, noisy and funny. Each next piece was absolutely different. But what marveled me most of all was a realization what a talented composer it must be to make all the musical instruments of an orchestra sound as one perfect body. Where it was really necessary sweet flute sounded. Solo saxophone emphasized romance. String instruments entered deep into the soul and forced to worry.

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Certainly, a pleasant and a positive atmosphere in the hall added positive emotions. Well-dressed visitors were sitting deepened into the charm of music. It was a contentment to see many young people. Many older people came in pairs, and the children behaved as they had been educated adults. Dark lighting of the hall made the atmosphere full of mystery.

A deep bow down is dedicated to the conductor Zuckerman and all the organizers of this evening for such a wonderful concert. Special thanksgiving is addressed to talented composers, especially Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for his talent and beautiful masterpieces of western classical music, including the 39th Symphony. The admiration is expressed to the professional musicians playing string, wind, percussion and single instruments.

Western classical music is an example and an inspiration to many people, and while its masterpieces are performed by our contemporaries, it will never die and its representatives will always live in our memory.

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