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R&B music is known as the rhythm and blue music and is more often than not referred to as soft music. A majority of it is fans are ladies. It is not effortless to create and sell personal recordings but the big task remains in emerging out as an R&B artist in the music industry. Research and statistical analysis was collected in relation to the same topic of discussion (Stokes, pp. 49). This article highlights how hard it is for rhythm & blues (R&B) to succeed in the music industry

R&B continues to influence fans, charts, clothing, colognes and more. And now, more than ever, artists focus should be on creating iconic R&B artists, not just records, with artist development being an important key. With all the recent restructuring and challenges in the music industry, all label heads are encouraged not forget this major art form. Great R&B is not disposable … it lasts forever.

Why it is hard for to make to the music industry

The R&B artists fail to be relevant for the reason that they do not have ability. Music is an audio form way and revolves around listening and not seeing only. Though, for some reason, the aim has been to employ only visually alluring artists. For the past ten years, people have developed to rather watch a person's video than listen to their actual song.

On the other hand, today’s artists do not focus on the message and visual aspects in their music. Let us look at the past R&B artists say in 20 to 30 years ago like, Marvin Gaye, the Isley brothers, The Commodres, Kool and the Gang, Wind,& Fire,  George Duke, The Ohio Players, Parliament, Funkadelic, Gladys Knight, Mint Condition, Tonie, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, and Stanley Clarke (Cross, pp. 79). Then one cannot compare them with the modern artists. These artists had skill, class, and quality in their ability, they did not require using sexual pyrotechnics or insinuations on stage or other gimmicks to convey their message, and it was merely on the strength of their ability and the music. Nowadays  with these comedians it is just about being observed and snapped by the tabloids dressed in  the latest fashion, not anything at all to do with music whatsoever. This has made it difficult for the R&B to make it in the music industry.

How the quality of R&B Music in today age affects artists in the music industry

Rhythm and Blues has forever been the type of music that most people listen to for the soulful lyrics and love songs. Due to the recognition of the music, various musical legends, like Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, have come from the sort of music. However, today's age group of R&B artists might have a number of these legends feeling humiliated to be associated to the equivalent music group. This is because the R&B artists are losing fame and recognition in the music industry.

On the other hand, today's R&B singers have actually diminished the values of creating high-quality music. Merely a small number of today's artists can really be considered right R&B singers. The new standards of the average R and B music have singer producing songs with lyrics that are too sexual and demeaning towards women. A number of the lyrics are as well dim-witted or just downright horrible. As a result of this, these kinds of songs will frequently get a lot of airplay on the broadcasting. However, after those sorts of songs have played on the media for one or two weeks, people will rapidly get exhausted of listening to them. A lot of admirers of the music cannot think of playing the modern R&B songs 7 or t14 years from now (Krumhans, pp. 50). Only by listening to a number of music on the radio, one can tell artists are not making enough effort to come up with good music.

Another reason that makes it hard for R&B succeed in the music industry is for the reason that, when R&B artists produce their songs, they will more often than not put in a hip-hop artiste to it. More often than not, the hip-hop singer makes the song to sound even poorer. R&B artists moreover, have the trend sampling music. Even if the appliance of sampling music has been for years, it appears like it has increased over the years. This contributes a lot to the decline of R&B music (Touré, pp. 78).

Some of the factors that can assist to develop R&B artists in the music industry include

  1. Live performances
  2. Appearing in music videos
  3. Interacting with fans
  4. Attending music industry parties and award shows
  5. Attending promotional tours
  6. Doing for television, magazines, radio and newspapers

How to Become an R&B Singer

Whereas the aspiration to turn out to be an R&B artist is shared by supporters across the world, a small number ever take the steps essential to turn their vision into actuality. R&B singers must have ability and drive beyond the common characteristics of vocal quality and skill. Taking ones time to develop entire package might make one into the R&B artist that one always knew he or she could be. An R&B artist should assess his or her singing career goals and skills. Moreover, if one desires to sell millions of records at the same time as performing to sold-out multitudes as an R&B single artist, or to perform with his or her personal R&B grouping in the local or home club scene.  Then he or she should take advantage of the R& B performance activities (James, pp. 147).  It features a wide variety of performance chances that can effortlessly align with equivalent desires and skill levels. One ought to be sincere with his or herself as it determines his or her singing weaknesses and attributes to aid in defining his or her precise course of action. Even though being an astral shower artist is praiseworthy, it will not guarantee a thriving R&B singing career (Krumhans, 45).

Make use of R&B greats as motivating guides.  One should focus his or her concentration to the careers and music of icons such as Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin to assist build his or her artistic knowledge and concentration. Moreover, one should listen to R&B music from the past and today to assist broaden his or her vocal imagination. There is a great deal to learn from singers who have sanctified the microphone in the earlier periods, and also those from the current. Singers like Usher and Beyonce are instances of younger R&B artists who are admirable to be studied as one starts his or her personal singing profession. Embrace the effort and triumphs of thriving R&B artists to assist increase one’s own singing passion (Stokes, pp. 49).

One should find his or her personal diva. Whereas it is enormous for one to model aspects of his or her career or sound after grand singers, it is essential that one finds and cultivate his or her personal exceptional style. There is a vast disparity amid being an R&B artist and being an R&B mimic. One ought to sing songs in a way that best fits his or her singing abilities and vocal range. R&B Songs do not necessitate vocals like those of Christina Aguilera  or high notes like those of Mariah Carey be sung in an attractive style. One must let his or her personal voice shine all the way through even when one is singing songs which are made trendy by other singers (Turley, pp. 633).

On the other hand, an R&B artist should sharpen his or her singing skills. Whereas practice may not make one perfect, it makes ones singing better. Underdone enthusiasm talent will only get one so far when he or she is attempting to be an R&B singer (Jonathan, pp. 219).  One should consider appointing a vocal instructor to assist him or her to improve abilities and reduce weaknesses.  In addition one should sing with others to make certain that he or she is able to harmonize and blend with effortlessly. Quality practice meetings can make the disparity amid becoming an R&B artist and watching one from his or her own seat in the stands (Touré, pp. 87).

An R&B artist should audition and perform as much as possible. Whereas church bake sales and family get together may not be ones most preferred concert venues, they do offer artist with practical experience, and an opportunity to shine or excel for an audience. Even the top R&B artists have paid their duty opening for more recognized singers (Jerry, pp. 67). The more people here one sing, the better the probability the artist has of making an impact on his or her own voice. Keep track of forthcoming audition and show openings for those that strike a musical tone with one’s personal abilities and tastes (Turley, pp. 653)

Moreover, an R&B artist should make a professional presentation. This is essential to move one to the skilled positions and will take substantial effort and preparation. An R&B artist should select songs that display-case his or her vocal skill as well as his or her personality. Many presentations do not get played for over a few second; therefore the artist should make certain that he or she presents the best picture of what he or she is able to present. Furthermore the artist should present his or her demo to trustworthy recording personnel and agencies to gain probable entry into the career of his or her dream (Christman & Hillary, pp. 8)

On the other hand, if admirers of R&B do all of those things, the video recording industry will have no option but to encourage better excellent music. As well the recording industry will moreover lose interest or significance if the crappy R&B music turns out to be disliked and stops generating funds. When fans begin using their funds or take action to sustain high-quality R&B music, their says will be heard all the time through the demo or recording industry and  hence they will have no alternative but to adhere  to what admirers or fans  have to say (Ben, pp. 211-212).


Being an R&B artist and emerging out to shine amongst other artists like those from hip hop is not that easy. An R&B artist ought to concentrate on shaping his or her talent to accommodate the need of the fans. The message contained in the lyrics and the visual performance should also be taken into consideration. Moreover, an R&B artist should keep away from merging with hip hop artists’ in order for the fans to be acquainted with the stand of an artist and support him or her.


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