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The chosen fallacies are the ‘fallacy of accident’ and ‘multiple comparison fallacy’. This narrative will contain an example of both these fallacies based on my personal experience and the corresponding argument will be analyzed.

The fallacy of accident is based on generalization and there is an exception to a particular rule. For instance, once I had traveled to a remote area with a friend. While on our way, we crossed a number of numbers of gas stations but we did not stop as I felt that we had enough gas to go a long way and there will be many more gas stations in the journey. My friend was more cautious and suggested to make a stop for gas but I remained confident that we will pass by another gas station as we had already crossed so many. Unfortunately, we did not and our gas finished some forty miles from the last gas station. Looking back at this, I regret this decision and should not have assumed that we will find a series of gas stations on our way (Fallacy Files, 2011).

The ‘multiple comparison fallacy’ is based on conducting a large number of comparisons, where some yield contrasting results. This forces a person to doubt one’s decision. A similar situation occurred while I was gathering interview data from a college project. The assignment was on the relationship of anger and alcohol. My research comprised of forty-six interview. Most of the respondents agreed that alcohol increase anger but few presented counter arguments to this. The variation in responses confused me and made me unsure about the credibility of my findings. Eventually, I still presented the popular opinion as my conclusion for the report but to this day I am not sure about the findings of that research question (Fallacy Files, 2011b).


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