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In the year 1992, riots took place in Los Angeles due to many factors that affected the people living in the city. These issues include racial discrimination by the police beating a black motorist. Violence erupted throughout the city, with the city experiences looting, arson, murder of people, and property damage estimate of about 1 billion us dollar. Some people in Los Angeles the people think nothing has been done about issues facing them as they continue suffering in the country.

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Some of the changes that the people wants are implementation of reforms effort like NCLB, leadership changes at the district level, complete bureaucratic restructuring and legislative battles over control. When Clinton visited the area, she promised improvement in education among the people of Los Angeles, strengthen of public safety and creation of more jobs to the people. There is no change in this condition as not changed as many people in Los Angeles who were forced off federal aid are worse off; they are subject to low paying jobs without any health care benefits or child care subsidies. With the deepening of recession, most of the people there are now losing their jobs making their life unbearable.

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Urban conditions continue to worsen in the past years thus no change in condition of living among the people. Conditions such as crime, unemployment, and poverty are increasing in the areas. A foreclosure is increasing especially with first time home owners, disproportionately blacks and Latinos. The nation urban crisis is spreading to the old suburbs where there is an increase in poverty and the local government cutting basic services.

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The blacks are still subject of discrimination in Los Angeles; the area is still experiencing an increase in crimes committed by the Latinos against the blacks in the recent years. This shows evidence of ethnicity in the region as killing of the black is a result the Latino cleansing their neighborhoods by killing of the blacks. There is a drop in population of blacks in Los Angeles for the last few years with school recording drop in number of black students.

There is no change no change in living condition of the people in Los Angeles as they still live in conditions of poverty, crime and race discrimination up to of recent. The government needs to address these conditions so that people can live in decent conditions, in their country. The blacks still face discrimination in the country thus there is evident of racism in the United States.

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