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In my school, University of Oregon, a concert that we all anticipated turned out a success in January after several weeks of rigorous training and preparations. It was called “The Poetry in Song” and it featured students from the studios of Ruth Dobson, Karen Esquivel, Eric Mentzel, Ann Tedards, Milagro Vargas, Laura Wayte who performed “The Greeting from Arias and Barcarolles” by Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990), “Thy Hand in Mine” (Coleridge) by Frank Bridge (1879-1941) and “Auch Kleine dinge” (Heyse) by Hugo Wolf (1860-1903).There were several other performances and it took the entire day for the concert to end.

In their concert band, Ruth Dobson was the soloist with her clear voice moving the crowd. Instruments used to perform “The Greeting from Arias and Barcarolles” were the baritone horn and the piano. In “Thy Hand in Mine” (Coleridge), the instruments used were violins, drums, and keyboards, while in “Auch Kleine dinge” (Heyse) by Hugo Wolf - drums, xylophone, and keyboards were used. In the performance, the tempo was Moderato espressivo which was moderate with expression. Levels of consonance in “Greeting from Arias and Barcarolles” and “Auch Kleine dinge” (Heyse) were greater in terms of harmonics and overtones due to the interval of the musical tuning and timbre as well as the sound quality. The dissonance in “Thy Hand in Mine” (Coleridge) had unstable combination of tone as the play was a song of war and expressed pain and conflict. The consonance of the first two plays continued changing but that of FrankBridge never changed as it maintained a sad and remorseful feeling. Type of melody used in the performance was Gregorian chant. Music is easy to understand because every composer intends to drive the message home, but playing music is a difficult task which requires total dedication, trainings, and rehearsals. After understanding the pieces, I found that they had deep and literal meaning. As much as it was the composer’s intentions, I found it ironical and absurd because everyone in the crowd comprehended the plays differently.

I must admit that I liked the entire piece as it was entertaining and educative. FrankBridge’s play particularly touched me as it was sad and it revealed much more than I already knew about war calamities. The concert helped meet new friends who shared with me a similar taste of genre. Seeing a live band was amazing, and, more so, the fact that I recorded the whole concert in my camcorder was simply astonishing. My frenzy mood and stress are drowned by all the excitement. Dancing and jumping alongside the other people burned up my calories helping me have a healthy balance that is good for the body and mind.

Although the concert was a success, standing for all those hours was quite a bother. The scorching sun and the big multitude of people made it hard for me to concentrate on the concert as I kept leaving the field for fresh air. I feel that the organizers of the event failed to factor in some critical issues regarding the negative impacts of open air concert. Concerts performed at night or in a cool building with sits are always much enjoyable. This class has improved my experience in this kind of music in ways that I never imagined before. I am good in music but I was never grateful to life performances. I always opted for recorded music. A good type of music is the one that relays a composer’s message to the listener. Due to my failure to take interest in such kind of musical plays, I realized that I have always been exposed to club hit songs that usually have little or no message at all. Most are full of vulgar language and this poses a great danger to the young generation in terms of maintaining discipline.


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