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Values can be accumulated over time depending on the environment and the surrounding that one person is exposed to. For example one person can be shy if they were brought up to know that it’s not right to interact with people they do not know. A person can be generous is upon their upbringing they were shown that its best to give to your neighbor or rather share that which you have with those who do not have. Values are a measure of a person’s integrity accumulated over time based on ones perception of what is right and what is wrong.

The value I have observed today is timidity. This is lack of self confidence and courage to face situations as they are. Timidity has a way of making the person who possesses the value to be aggressive as one tries to protect the inner person who is shy and at times intimidated by other people who are more confident. There are many reasons that could cause one to be timid, first may be self doubt on e the personal strength. I would do something and do it so well then doubt my ability to have a achieved such a great thing like may be performing a math sum better than all the other pupils in class. Then due to lack of personal confidence, I would not be able to stand and be celebrated since one fears that may be the other children think you are a show off or one just cannot stand to say ‘I am the best’. This value gives birth to aggressiveness as I had earlier stated. This is a bad trait but the person is trying to protect themselves from being hurt and also from the people around them noticing that they are not confident. A timid person is shows the society they are courageous but deep within them lies an inner person in need of love, encouragement and strength from the outside to help them accept they are actually strong, gifted and talent to the level that they are.

I was timid in the earlier years of schooling and it made me not interact feely with other children in school. There was an inner need to make friend but the outside person would not accept that they actually needed friends to make life better. Timidity can at times be mistaken for pride as most of the children that I would not talk to thought I was a total snob and labeled me as proud. One time I got a class mate who was actually just like me, I need of friends but lacking the courage to make them .She was also intelligent and beautiful but she could not bring herself to accepting that she was more beautiful than most of the girls at school. We would take walks together around school and with time, we realized were actually having people’s attention which away from the usual expectation of making one feel less important and the need to be protective , it gave us a sense of belonging and recnition. M y friend actually thought it was quite good that we could raise people’s attention and attract more friends to our small circle. This gave us strength because we stood by one another. W e attracted one more person to pout team and they say, united we stand we stood tall to even face other children who were perceived to be better than us. The method we used to encourage one another was to form a study group which everyone would be assigned a task and if one does their task, then one had a reason to feel good. You had actually stood in the gap for many people so you are important and there was every reason for you to be applauded and receive a gift in form of hugs and litter presents like pencils.

I have been helping other children accept that they can be strong, talented and gifted to the level they never imagined. I have made them realize that one does not have to have special features to be the best. The children need to realize that it’s okay to be the best in what they do and it does not make any body look like they are proud. I have taught them that we are differently talented; so that we can have a coordinated society that helps each other in all sectors and we can be the best we are made to be in we realize our inner strength and bring it out to the best interest of the society. Our greatest fear is not that we are not great it’s because we are great beyond our imagination.


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