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I appreciate leadership for its noble role in the society. Ever since I was young, my admiration for good leadership has always been of great magnitude. For this reason I have learnt to be respectful of my leaders especially in school. As of now, I am the School Vice President having reached that level out of my own interest and determination that proved convincing enough to the school fraternity to grant me the opportunity to exercise my leadership skills.

The society needs order. Leadership is the best instrument to make real such an achievement. This is my driving force towards leadership because I that if something needs to be done, then I must do it. I do not dream and expect others to make my dreams come true.

In high school, the school presidency plays a key role in ensuring that there is orderliness among students and the various school activities. This offers an opportunity for me and for anyone who is passionate about playing a leadership role in the society to bring about the necessary change.

I have strong interest of running businesses in future. Starting, therefore, to acquaint myself with management skills at an early age is a very important step towards attaining my goals. Good leadership is vital in the success of any business. This being my prospective line of career, I have a deep conviction that this being a leader while still studying is relevant exposure for tomorrow.


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