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Without doubt, finding out that you’ve got only a few last months to live is a life-changing experience. Different people are affected by such news in different ways; and there is almost no chance to predict one’s behavior after learning such a fact. I cannot be sure how this kind of information would affect me in reality, but I really want to believe that I would change my life in a way that my last moments on Earth feel worthy and memorable.

First of all, I would reconcile with all my relatives and friends. I think that every small or big conflict would seem immaterial at that point. So, I would try to tell all my loved ones how important they are and how I appreciate them in my life. I would spend every spare second of my time with people dear to me. I would probably quit my job and dedicate all my time to fulfilling my dreams. Every little desire or inclination that gets suppressed in the turmoil of “more important things” would finally get proper attention. Moreover, I would certainly travel a lot and learn more about the world I live in. I would love to know more about different cultures and people that live in the most secluded areas of our planet. Together with that, I’d explore my local area and visit some local places that were not interesting to me before (for example, the old park with ancient trees that was always overlooked by me).

Most importantly, I would reconcile with my own self. There is little doubt that such news of a near death would scare a person. Therefore, I would try to engage in some self-analysis, to reflect on my values and on the deeds I’ve done in my life. I would talk to God (or whatever higher forces would be agreeable to me at that confusing moment) and pray for all people whom I leave behind. I would try to get involved in charity, to help orphans or elderly people, visit animal shelters or volunteer in some other place. All in all, I’d try to leave in a way that there are people who’d remember me with warm feelings and kind words.


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