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Winter time is a very harsh period for stray animals and homeless people because of the weather and environment conditions. Due to the fact that they do not have a shelter, both animals and humans suffer from frost bites, malnutrition, humidity and certain pathologies that are exacerbated by cold weather. When it comes to helping them, people have different views of the issue: some prefer to help a stray cat and offer it shelter and food whereas others think that they should offer what they can to a homeless person. Personally, I would help a human being that is in need rather than an animal.

When thinking about aiding those souls who are forced to stay outside during the cold season, one should always take into consideration a series of factors that are consequent to every action one might make. On the one hand, helping a cat means finding it a place to live in and not many people are eager to adopt a stray animal. On the other hand, homeless people can sometimes be deceiving, since some of them are only on the streets to beg for money, only to return to their home and spend the cash in illicit actions. However, not all people without a home are like that. This is why I would definitely choose to help a homeless person during the winter time, rather than an animal such as a cat.

Deciding to help a homeless person during the winter time is a complex, overwhelming and rewarding action. The first thing that needs to be done is to decide in what way that person can be helped. Observing the person and realizing what he or she needs is the first step to accomplish this. Therefore, one can prepare a hot meal for a homeless person, offer to talk to him over a cup of tea or soup or even see if the nearest shelters have available spots. There are many ways to help homeless people, mainly because they will almost always need anything one can offer them. I believe that the supreme help is to try and become familiar with the schedule of the help centers in the area. This way, after trying to have a nice talk to them, you can suggest help to them by ensuring a spot in the shelters.

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Another great way to help the homeless during the cold season is to give them clothes and hot meals or drinks. Without a doubt, everyone possesses clothes that do not fit or that are not wanted anymore. This is a great opportunity to help someone who needs them more than one can imagine. By giving clothes to them, you give a minimum of health and comfort to those people, as they can change the wet clothes they wear or put on more clothes to keep them warm. Even though helping a homeless person is a wonderful gesture, one must take precaution when dealing with them. Firstly, remember that not all homeless people are alike. Some might be friendly and humble whereas others can be brutal, violent and malevolent. This is why one should ensure one’s own safety when trying to engage a homeless person.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that once engaging to help a homeless person, one should not give up on the relationship. Follow-up talks have been proven to be beneficial as the homeless managed to find a way to make their life better and some of them even found a job and a place to stay. This is definitely a good reason to choose to help a homeless person during winter, because it is terribly rewarding to see that a person you helped struggled to be safe and contribute to the society.

When it comes to helping a cat during the winter season and saving it from the streets, several advantages and disadvantages must be considered. Cats are by default very lovable creatures but as they are stray animals, they carry numerous parasites and diseases that can be transmitted if it is not properly taken care of. This actually leads to more expenses for a small animal that may not suit enough the savior’s lifestyle and personality. However, is this really a reason not to consider saving a cat? Most people think that by saving a cat, they have less work to do than saving a homeless person. This might or might not be true. If they do not want to keep the cat, it still needs to be seen by a veterinarian and then the savior needs to find it a new home, this process can last for a very long time. On the other hand, helping a homeless person only requires small amounts of money for meals and a great deal of humanity and self-sacrifice. What is more, humans can express their feelings and tell one exactly what they need when they have become familiar enough, which makes it much easier to offer them what they require.

To come to a conclusion, when it comes to helping people or animals who are forced to spend their days and nights in the cold, one should consider the moral implications that come with the problem. When choosing to save a cat from starvation and death by cold weather, a person should know that this may very well mean than they will keep that animal. On the other hand, helping a homeless person is much more rewarding, as people can actually survive over the winter and even manage to find a shelter and become better persons inside a community. I for one would choose to help a homeless person and strive to guide him towards a better life, in the attempt to find him a shelter and a hot meal.


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