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            The real purpose of this paper is to present my choice between apologist and prolongevist positions and my reason of choosing such. However, before pursuing through this paper, I would like to quote the definitions of the two common explanations. The Webster’s Universal Dictionary and Thesaurus defines “apologist” as the one who makes an apology and a defender of a cause. Further, the same book defines apology as a defense or justification of one’s belief. Let us recall that the content in Plato’s apology is the defense of Socrates to all accusations his accusers threw to him. It should be noted that another word that has something to do with apologist is apologetics which bears a connotative meaning of the defense and the vindication of the principles and laws of the Christian belief.

            On the other hand, prolongevity is defined as a belief that the life is extended after death. Thus, a typical prolongevist believes that his life here on the earth will continue in the different time frame. He believes that when he dies he will live again and take a new life form. Thus, this is a complete contradictory of what the Christian belief is imposing.

            It can be seen therefore that the two groups of believers are in two different boats with heads directly facing each other. What I mean is that the two groups of believers directly oppose each other’s beliefs. One says that death is something that cannot be understood; and our human nature limits us of knowing what’s in there after death. They have expressed that there is no reason in being afraid of death for we know nothing about it. What the Christian believes are that if we die we will face a judging stage in purgatory and we will be judged whether we shall enter heaven or we will live in furnace in hell. Apologist believes that the life of human on the earth is fixed thus it cannot be prolonged through series of births and deaths. It nullifies what the prolongevist believes that we are born and we die several times.

            Moreover, a typical apologist affirms that the Christian dogma is true. Another version of the apologetics view is that, our death is the death of our mortal and physical bodies. Our spirit, which is conceived as a our incomprehensible portion of our self, will be separated from our physical body and we will wait until God’s second coming which everyone of us – the living and the dead – is expected to face judgment and we would be judged in accordance with how good we were during our span of life.

            On contrary, the prolongevist believes exactly the opposite. A typical prolongevist believes that the life of a person here on earth is unlimited. They have expressed that what truth about death is that only the physical body of a human dies but not his inner self or what we know as the spirit. They have argued that a person experiences series of births and deaths. When a person dies, his spirit just leaves his mortal body making it unconscious. His spirit will find other life form and take a new life again. The process will go on and on. Thus, life is not finite. It does not end. It does not terminate.

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My Personal View

I understand that whichever one believes is not important. What is important is how one lives on the basis of what he believes. I do not intentionally influence one’s belief nor refute what one has faith in, but just allow myself to present what I believe as a result of my personal philosophical reflections which I have gained in the past.

            Although my belief favors the Christian dogma, I would disclaim that what I believe has nothing to do with my religious belief.  Further, my belief is founded on my own reasons and on the reasons of others. In my view, every thought has its right for existence, so it is of my sincere belief that my personal view of this problem is worth understanding and respect,  

            Some people have a very short life, but some are ready to say that their life is long enough to enjoy it.  Unfortunately, we cannot extend our life and live longer than we should, but I believe that the life is long enough for us to make a difference in this world. Our short life span gives us enough time to make legacy and be remembered by people we have touched eternally. I believe that each person makes his own choice of the purpose of existence and I also believe that our short life span gives us enough time to fulfill our chosen purpose. There are no proofs of that the human life can last for ever, so I tend to believe that human life is not infinite. People die every day and there is nothing we can do about it. We should enjoy our very moment on this planet and try to be better to make a difference.

            All we need to do is to maximize our short life so we can do great things in our short existence. We all need to be ready to meet our death with dignity and having no sorrow and feelings that we missed something in this life. Here we can mention a story about a women meeting the death. When the woman was yang, the death came to take her life, but she said she wasn’t ready. Death decided to come later, when the woman was old, but even then she still wasn’t ready. So, as we can see, the preparedness for death is not a matter of age. Also, I would like to share a beautiful quote that always reminds me that every second of our life is important: “A person who learns to pray at 11th hour dies at 10:30”.

            It goes without saying that human life is very short. We cannot have another life in another form. What you ever think is the reason of our existence. It does not matter how long you have lived, but it matters how you lived. Life is long only if you know how to use your short life span.

            I do not embrace the Christian dogma that after our death we shall deal with our final destination – to heaven or hell because I do not believe in both of them. I consider that when someone dies, his mortal body perishes together with his spirit.

            I do not believe that man lives forever. Nowadays, I have not heard or seen a man who has a clear recollection about his life of 100 years ago. If all of us today are just continuation of those who died in the past, then we should be able to clearly recall what our life had been in the past.

            If life is short, will someone be able to accomplish his ambitious project in his lifetime? Yes, and I would contest that what we need is to start today and let tomorrow a different day. If we conceived something today to finish, then it should be stated right away. Again, it does not matter if life is short or infinite, but it matters what we do with it. It does not matter what you have, but what you have done with what you have.

Why I believe in Such Shortness of Life?

            My belief gives me a convenient life. It is very convenient to believe that nothing is permanent even our life. I believe in a linear principle that everything starts and has its end. In our life, our finish line is our death. It is also convenient to think that we cannot live forever and we have a short life thus what we can achieve and do today should be accomplished today for we are uncertain what will happen tomorrow. We can only prepare for tomorrow, but we cannot tell what will happen tomorrow. It is convenient to think that we have a finite life and we can die at any moment from now and can never come back anymore. With this belief, I am always guided that each time and moments are important time of my life thus each activity I indulge should be very beneficial in order to not waste my time.

            On the permanence of things, is death an exemption? Yes, life is a full of temporary things, but death is not a part of life. It is the opposite of life thus it is permanent. Death is permanent.

            I also believe that death is beyond human understanding. It is one of our limitations. We cannot comprehend death for there is not quantitative study what happens to someone who dies. Thus what we believe about death is beyond our capacity to verify. I am therefore not in the position to say that what I believe is true is really the truth about this matter. I can only assure you that I live what I believe to be the true and the truth shall rule my life.


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